With the retirement of William Bonner, check out who should take over the Jornal Nacional

William Bonner revealed on his social networks, last week, that he will retire about 10 years from now. “I will definitely see it from home because I don’t intend to be that old presenting JN. I will be 67 years old. Guys, the uncle has to rest too. Let’s go slowly, right?”, reported the journalist on his Instagram in a relaxed tone.

Due to this questioning, a curiosity hangs in the air: Who will be Bonner’s replacement for Jornal Nacional? It is speculated behind the scenes at Globo, that César Tralli must be the natural replacement for William in command of JN.



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Renewal in journalism

TV Globo will make a new reformulation in its newscasts. starting with the Fantastic which will be presented for the first time in its history by two women. These are Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta.

Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta (Courtesy/TV Globo)

Jornal Hoje will be supported by César Tralli, who will be kept in the presentation of Jornal GloboNews edition at 6 pm. It is noteworthy that the journalist remains under contract with the Marinho radio station until 2025. And his presence in charge of the New Newspaper Today is confirmed for another four years.

César Tralli takes over the new Jornal Hoje (Divulgação/Globo)

As anticipated, the TV Globo already hit the hammer in relation to the new host of the BBB 22. It is Tadeu Schmidt who will take over in January 2022, the reality show with the highest revenue on the plim plim network.