Young discovers betrayal between mother and boyfriend: ‘cheated me while I was giving birth’

21-year-old British Alyssa-Mae Harrison went viral on Tik Tok after accusing her ex-boyfriend of cheating on her with her mother. According to the young woman, the two maintained a relationship for almost three years and were together while she gave birth to the couple’s youngest child.

With more than 1.7 million views and the great impact of the video, Alyssa gave an interview to the Mirror newspaper and revealed the details of how she discovered the betrayal. She says she only discovered the case two years later, when neighbors showed footage from security cameras.

“My neighbors showed me footage from the surveillance camera that shows my mother constantly walking in and out of my house when I wasn’t there, which made me suspicious. So I found messages from both of them, with nude photos, details and dates of the incidents. , including the birth. I confronted him, and he confessed,” declared the young woman.

At first, Alyssa said the relationship with Ryan was “amazing”. “He was romantic and the two of us couldn’t stay away from each other.”

Over the years, however, the young woman, who is a shop assistant, said that the boy started having several affairs with other women. “He used to cry and beg me to stay, I felt bad for him,” she narrated.

At that moment, she decided to forgive, and they stayed together. After the discovery last year, she ended the relationship and severed relations with her own mother: “I packed his things, threw it off the balcony and told him to leave,” she added.

In a statement to the Mirror, Alyssa’s mother, Tammy Sturdy, denies the allegations and says her daughter is a “compulsive liar”.