Zilu Godoi is attacked on the internet for kissing a friend

Zilu Godoi was attacked on social media this afternoon after remembering sharing a photo giving a kiss to a friend. In the caption, she recalled Hebe Camargo and stated that this is one of her ways of showing affection.

“As our late Hebe Camargo used to do!” he wrote in the caption. The presenter, who died in September 2012, was known for giving pecks to guests on her talk show. “When we are friends sisters as a gift from God! This is our long way! Friends forever”, completed Zilu.

The gesture, however, did not please many of the followers, who commented on several criticisms. “I’m past it,” wrote one. “Disappointing,” pointed out another. “In a few days they’ll say you turned the record around,” wrote a third. “Now I saw everything, that’s all it needed.”

Hours later, Zilu appeared in the stories alongside her friends in a car, wishing her followers a good Sunday. “Everything we do is a game, life is a game, and we enjoy it,” he commented.

Currently, Zilu is touring the United States. This week, she shared a moment with Rose Miriam Di Matteo eating pastel in the country. In addition to the record, the two also shared scenes of a view of a sunflower plantation. “May it become a routine to wake up every day with God and Jesus in your heart, the smile on your lips and the desire to spread good things around,” wrote Rose Mirian in the caption.