5 subjects that can move the Stock Exchange this Thursday – 10/14/2021

See at Café com Mercado, from UOL, five news that may move the market this Thursday (14).

1) Services – Monthly, the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) publishes the turnover of the service sector in Brazil —which includes activities such as administrative services, IT, beauty and transport.

The sector is one of the most important for the economy and one that employs the most in the country. Therefore, the survey may influence the decision of investors and move the market this Thursday (14).

2) Producer inflation – The market must also respond to the US Producer Inflation (IPP) disclosure. The index measures the variation in prices for producers, which is usually passed on to the consumer and has an impact on inflation.

Inflation in the country has been worrying investors, as it has grown above expectations and could make the US raise interest rates — which reduces the pace of economic incentives in the country.

3) Unemployment in the USA – In the US, as happens every Thursday, the number of new unemployment insurance claims made in the last week will be released.

The indicator reveals the heating of the US economy, which affects investors’ expectations and may move the Brazilian stock exchange.

4) Oil – Every Wednesday, the US releases oil inventories in the country, which could drive fuel prices.

Due to the Columbus Day holiday in the country last Monday (11), the publication was postponed to today (14) and may move the shares of companies in the sector.

5) Results – The US earnings release season for the third quarter of 2021 began this week.

Today, the market is paying attention to publications by major US banks. They are: Bank Of America (NYSE: BAC), Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and Citigroup (NYSE: C).

The subject can move the actions of the financial sector here too.

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