‘A Fazenda 13’: Carlinhos Maia says that Marina Ferrari has been rich since childhood | gossip from the famous

Carlinhos Maia spoke about Marina Ferrari

Carlinhos Maia spoke about Marina Ferrari

Carlinhos Maia spoke with fans on Instagram about the reality show and Marina Ferrari’s participation in ‘A Fazenda’. She, a friend and neighbor of the influencer, was highlighted in the formation of farm on Tuesday (12) for discussing with Solange Gomes.

The comedian commented that Marina was always rich and that she didn’t need to expose herself in a program of this type. “I’m stuck with Marina, who lives above my building, rich since she was a child to be humiliated. How crazy! What would I look for in reality? Humiliation? When she gets here, I’ll talk to her. Her Porsche is there gathering dust “he said in a playful tone.

Carlinhos also explained the reasons for not wanting to participate in a reality show like ‘A Fazenda’. “Am I going to lock myself in a reality show to show my weaknesses to those who didn’t give me a loaf of bread? Am I going to show a lot of faults there? Am I going to leave this beautiful view eating my couscous to be put up with humiliation with chicken cackling beside me?”, he commented.

“I know myself, guys. Don’t ask me to go on a reality show, no. Even you who love me will take me out next week. I wasn’t born to be humiliated, especially by those I don’t know,” he said.