A Fazenda 2021: Galisteu commits faux pas and scolds Tati Quebra-Barraco: “The quota is over”

Carlinhos Maia exposes the fortune of Marina Ferrari, participant of A Fazenda 2021 (Photo: Montage)

Carlinhos Maia exposes the fortune of Marina Ferrari, participant of A Fazenda 2021 (Photo: Montage)

the influencer Carlinhos Maia ended up exposing a participant in the reality of RecordTV, The Farm 2021. It turns out that the famous got real about the purchasing power of Mariana Ferrari. At first, he used his own example, but later he threw open the truth about the famous one.

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First of all, it is noteworthy that the comedian got into the matter because he said he was asked by followers if he would join a reality show. On the can, Carlinhos replied: “I don’t participate because I’m rich, I’m already rich. Am I going to go on a reality show to show my weaknesses to a bunch of people who never gave me a loaf of bread? Me huh”.

Then Carlinhos Maia remembered Mariana Ferrari, who is in A Fazenda 2021: “I’m stuck with Marina, a girl who lives on top of my building, rich since she was a child, to be humiliated. How crazy! What are you going to get? Humiliation,” he flung open without a word.

Rico Melquiades is in 'A Fazenda 13' (Photo: Reproduction)

Rico Melquiades is in ‘A Fazenda 2021’ (Photo: Reproduction)

Carlinhos Maia comments on Marina and Rico

But it didn’t stop there. The influencer went on to follow suit, saying he should advise the A Fazenda participant when she leaves the RecordTV reality show: “When she gets here, I’ll talk to her. There’s the girl’s Porsche picking up dust. Rich, rich, rich girl. To go there to be messed up. There are things that are not worth it”.

Finally, Carlinhos Maia also commented on Rico’s relationship with the participant and defended the pawn: “Rico, who belongs to my class, who is also revolutionizing… I just keep an eye out because if I go too far, I’ll leave you…. As much as I love…. And there’s Marina, who isn’t my friend, but she’s a person I like and I’ve always liked her posture… What do I look like? Sad, because there are two people I like, here in Maceió. Instead of uniting, they are fighting”.