After breaking up, Viih Tube says Bruno Magri was ‘love disappointment’

the actress and influencer Viih Tube announced the end of the relationship of three years with the also influencer Bruno Magri this Wednesday (13). The two made posts on their respective Instagram profiles to inform followers of the decision. The couple had been together since 2019, but decided to end the relationship. After announcing the breakup, the ex-sister of BBB21 appeared on TikTok saying that the ex was a “love disappointment”.

In the caption of the post made earlier, viih tube wrote. “I don’t even know how to tell you this, but Bruno and I are no longer together. I didn’t know the right time to tell or how to do it, but then I realized that there will be no right time, it will be difficult to announce anyway. But if you saw the way it ended, I think everyone would understand what we’re feeling, it ended bizarrely well, with a lot of respect and a very sincere conversation! And the funniest thing is that it really was that classic “we’re in different phases” thing, said the influencer in the first excerpt of the publication.

“We spent 3 years together, sharing life and beautiful moments, I can only remember us that way, and I’m grateful for that! And before they ask or worry, I’m fine! I’m still young and I can’t be afraid of fate and what lies ahead! And Bruno, thank you for being everything you were for me, for everything we learned together, for all the laughs, travels, changes, thank you for being such a mature boy, so kind hearted, so amazing! And I’ll be here, rooting for you from afar, rooting for your dreams to come true, rooting for everything! And I want to remember us exactly as in this photo, thank you for being a part of me”, completed.

Bruno Magri, who is also a digital influencer, cheered and supported his girlfriend a lot while she was receiving a shower of hates while she was confined to BBB21, because of the controversial conduct of the ex-sister. He also made an Instagram post with a long caption to inform about the end of his relationship with his friend. Thais Braz:

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“Yeah, life is a roller coaster of emotions, and you’ve given me the best ones during my last 3 years. It was you who taught me what this love is. Being there, caring, feeling and rooting for the other as if it were for myself. Thank you for showing me this side of myself that I didn’t even know. Our cycle together ends here, but what never ends is the affection and admiration I feel. I’ll hold you in my heart with all the love in the world, because that’s how I want to remember us. Thank you for sharing life with me so far. Cheering from here”, wrote youtuber.

In the comments, Viih Tube decided to answer the ex-beloved and said once again to be grateful for what the two lived: “Ahh it was hard with these photos in HAHAHAHAHAHA AAAA thank you for everything, I’m so grateful for everything we’ve lived through”, said the young youtuber, 21 years old, but already a millionaire.

Despite the cute texts, it didn’t take long for viih tube make a post on your Tik Tok profile, sending a “shade” to your now ex-boyfriend. In the publication she puts a photo of an old post in which she is kissing the boy’s face with a caption: “When you realize that either you’re going to marry him or he’ll be your biggest disappointment in love”. Then, in the same video, she appears alone and thoughtful.

Netizens were divided if, after all, everything was fine or not after the end after the video published by viih tube, who implied that, in fact, Bruno Magri was a disappointment in love. See below the post on TikTok and the posts of each one about the end of the three-year relationship: