After two years, guards remove a tire that was attached to a deer’s neck.

posted on 10/13/2021 4:54 PM

  (credit: CPW/Twitter/Reproduction)

(credit: CPW/Twitter/Reproduction)

A deer, which had been living for two years with a tire stuck around its neck, was finally rescued by forest guards, who removed the object. The animal was in a park in Colorado, United States, and, after several attempts, it was released last Saturday (9/10).

On Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Twitter, the park explained that it was necessary for the animal to be sedated and that it was difficult for the steel in the tire bead to be sawn off, causing the animal’s horns to be sawn off. The park also explained that time was short, as the deer was already under the influence of the tranquilizer, and that the antlers will grow back.

“The saga of the moose with a tire around its neck is over. Thanks to residents south of Pine Junction on CR 126 for reporting its location, wildlife officials were able to free it from that tire on Saturday,” the park said.

For two years the animal was monitored by the park and it was found that the tire did not affect the deer’s ability to eat and drink. Some images were released so that the population could alert the guards if they saw the animal. After a complaint, they managed to find him and remove the tire.