American photographer catches anaconda fighting alligator in Pantanal, MT | Mato Grosso

American photographer Kim Sullivan published images on social networks of his passage through the Pantanal of Mato Grosso. In one of the posts, Kim shows the fight between an anaconda and an alligator, in the region of Porto Jofre, in Poconé, 251 km from Cuiabá.

Kim called the alligator snake’s hit ‘neckbreaker’ (blow in which the fighter hits the opponent’s neck), and said that after a long period of fighting, both swam and left.

The registration was made in September and published two weeks ago on Instagram.

Kim has been a wildlife photographer for 21 years. In conversation with the g1, he revealed, has been visiting the Pantanal continuously since 2015. Each time he spends 10 days traveling by boat in the region in search of portraying wildlife.

About the scene portrayed, Kim told the g1 who was sailing along the river in search of jaguars and his boat pilot found the epic scene.

Kim says that never in 21 years, photographing wildlife, had he recorded a scene like the fight.

He emphasizes that he wondered how an anaconda managed to wrap itself around an alligator.

“I wondered if it was a young anaconda that didn’t know how to hunt properly or if it could actually contract and ingest such a large alligator,” he said.

The photographer says it was a very brave fight for both predators. He says that during the battle, he couldn’t predict who would prevail and was relieved when the fight ended in a draw, with an alligator going to one side and the snake taking its course.

Kim revealed her passion for wild cats and her love for Brazil.

“I come to Pantanal because it is the best ecosystem to photograph jaguars in their natural habitat. I love Brazil. I was very happy to return after the improvement in the Covid-19 pandemic, this was the first place I came,” he says.

Kim also made other records of his journey through the biome. One of them shows a jaguar capturing an alligator to feed and take to its hungry cubs.

Jaguar catches an alligator to share with his cubs — Photo: Kim Sullivan – @ksulli16

In the photo caption he highlighted the work of the jaguar.

“She has to do this every few days to keep these growing and hungry puppies fed,” he commented.

Jaguar cubs await mother with food for them — Photo: Kim Sullivan – @ksulli16