ANS appoints technical director to monitor Prevent Senior after complaints from doctors and patients | São Paulo

The measure was published on Thursday (14) in the Official Gazette by the director-president of the ANS, Paulo Rebello, an agency linked to the Ministry of Health.

The establishment of the special regime considers “serious administrative and assistance abnormalities that put at risk the continuity and quality of health care for beneficiaries” according to the resolution.

There are allegations that the operator tested remedies proven to be ineffective in patients with Covid and omitted the disease on death certificates.

According to Rebello, the technical director will not have management power, but will monitor Prevent’s activities and may ask for information.

Roberto Rebello Filho states that ANS will implement technical direction at Prevent Senior

Roberto Rebello Filho states that ANS will implement technical direction at Prevent Senior

Rebello was called to give testimony to explain any actions taken by the ANS in the face of complaints involving Prevent during the pandemic last week.

According to the director of ANS, the agency became aware of the complaints involving Prevent through the CPI.

The version, however, contradicts information from the CPI itself. According to the commission’s vice-president, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), the ANS was informed in 2020 of the complaints about Prevent.

The executive director of Prevent Senior, Pedro Benedito Batista Junior, testified to the CPI in September this year.

To senators, Batista Junior admitted that the operator:

  • changed the medical records of patients with Covid to exclude the diagnosis from the records, but that this would only be to know who no longer had the disease; the company denies it;
  • used ineffective drugs against Covid, such as chloroquine, but only with the consent of patients or their relatives, and that doctors had the autonomy to prescribe them or not;
  • conducted a study with patients who took these drugs just to follow up on the cases and that the survey was not a scientific study.

Managers and doctors from the health plan network are investigated by the Public Ministry of São Paulo and the Civil Police on suspicion of having committed three crimes against the victims: homicide, fraudulent misrepresentation and failure to notify the authorities of the disease.

Lawyer Tadeu Frederico de Andrade, 65, who was a patient at Prevent, should be heard on Thursday. He had coronavirus and took the Covid kit. Heard in Brasília by the CPI, Tadeu said that he had complications while taking the medication. In addition, he stated that the company committed a series of irregularities during his treatment.

The expectation of the prosecutors is that Tadeu confirms to the MP what he said to the CPI and can give more details about the alleged illegalities committed by the operator.

According to the task force of MP-SP, will be called to testify at least 21 patients or relatives of patients and at least four doctors. The testimonies will take place at the Criminal Forum of Barra Funda, West Zone of the capital, and may be in person or virtual, depending on the preference of each witness.

The Public Ministry and the State Department of Homicides and Protection of Persons (DHPP), of the Civil Police, are investigating Prevent Senior on suspicion that its directors and doctors may have committed:

  • Homicide – for giving coronavirus patients the so-called “Covid kit” with drugs that are ineffective in preventing and fighting the disease. Some of them died after using these remedies. And also after using other medications outside the kit, such as flutamide, for example;
  • Ideological falsehood – for tampering with patients’ death certificates, failing to report that their deaths were due to the coronavirus;
  • Omission of mandatory disease notification to authorities – omit from medical records that they were patients infected with the virus.

The task force is also investigating whether, even after the ineffectiveness of these drugs against the disease was scientifically proven last year, the company continued to distribute the kits to its patients.

The Civil Police has two inquiries investigating Prevent Senior, but which are being monitored together by the task force. In addition to the investigation on Prevent at DHPP, the operator is investigated in another procedure in the 77th Police District (DP), in Santa Cecília, downtown São Paulo.

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