“Antibody testing is throwing money away,” says doctor about covid.

The covid-19 IgG antibody test done in pharmacies gives the result in about 15 to 20 minutes. What gives a certain security to some is seen as useless by some doctors. For the epidemiologist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of USP Paulo Lotufo, it is “throwing money away”.

“The person who went to audition, the only thing I can say is that he threw money away. She has done a useless, unnecessary, and worse action: one that will give her false security. The virus is not in our body to provide immunity, but to replicate, immunity is secondary,” he said in an interview with CNN.

antibody test

Credit: Ilze Kalve/istockDoctor warns of false covid-19 antibody test results and says it’s “throwing money away”

The doctor remembers that this type of test gives false positives. “We’ve always known this for all diseases,” he says.

The doctor’s speech comes a day after President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) said he decided not to take the vaccine against covid-19 because he had already been infected with the virus, so vaccination, in his view, would be unnecessary.

“I’m seeing new studies, I have my immunization up there, IgG is 990, why am I going to take the vaccine?”, asked the president in an interview with Jovem Pan.

“It would be the same thing as playing in the R$10 lottery to win R$2. This is not appropriate”, he said.

Bolsonaro said he will not be vaccinated against covid-19

Credit: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil President Jair Bolsonaro said he will not take the covid-19 vaccine because he already has the “immunization up there”

Lotufo stressed that vaccination is the best way to gain immunity against the new coronavirus. “The vaccine [serve] so that our response is maximum. There is no way to compare the natural infection with the vaccine”, said Lotufo.