Bali reopens for international flights, but tourists don’t show up

Bali reopened its doors this Thursday (14) for international flights from some countries, such as China, Japan and France, in a new stage of the tourist island of Indonesia to receive foreign visitors.

But Bali officials said they do not expect any international flights for this Thursday.

To enter the island, visitors must be vaccinated, respect five days of quarantine in a hotel and follow strict visit protocols.

“We are prepared, waiting for the international flights,” said Taufan Yudhistira, a spokesman for the airport. “But there is nothing scheduled for today.”

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport can receive tourists from 19 countries, including South Korea, China, Japan, France, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand, officials said.

The partial opening does not include the Australians, who were among the island’s top visitors before the pandemic.

Indonesia, of 270 million people, was severely affected by the contagious delta variant of the coronavirus and even registered more than 56,000 cases of covid-19 in just one day in mid-July.

The government applied restrictive measures in the most affected areas, closed non-essential businesses and limited the movement of people.

The number of cases dropped with the vaccination campaign in the archipelago and authorities began to ease restrictions.