Brazilian spider photo wins prize: check out winning images from the wildlife contest

The winning images of the main Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 contest are now available. The photos were made available by London Museum of Natural History. The 57th edition received a record number of entries, including more than 50,000 participants from 95 countries.

The winning image, titled Creation, captures the rare sight of camouflaged groupers, and sets off a mating frenzy that occurs once a year under the full moon. The feat was done by French photographer Laurent Ballesta, who took home the title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Creation, by Laurent Ballesta, France. – A trio of camouflaged groupers leaves a milky cloud of eggs and sperm.

In addition, this year’s competition saw 19 categories, including three new groups: oceans, swamps and natural art. The exhibition will open at the Museum on October 15, 2021, followed by an international tour starting in the UK and including Denmark, Canada, USA, Australia and more.

Check out some winning photos:

Winner in the ‘Animals in Their Environment’ category – Grizzly Leftovers, by Zack Clothier, USA. A grizzly bear takes an interest in Clothier’s camera trap.
‘Rising Star’ Award Winner – Martin Gregus, Canada / Slovakia Gregus. The photograph shows polar bears in a different light when they reach shore in summer.

Winner of the ‘behavior: birds’ category
The Intimate Touch, by Shane Kalyn, Canada Ravens during a crows’ affection exchange
Winner of the ‘plants and fungi’ category
Rich Reflections, by Justin Gilligan, Australia – A female diver is reflected among seaweed.
Winner of the ‘behavior: mammals’ category
Face to face, by Stefano Unterthiner, Italy – Two reindeer from Svalbard fight for control of a harem.
Winner of the ‘Behavior: Invertebrates’ category –
Weaving the Cradle, by Gil Wizen, Israel / Canada – A fishing spider stretches the silk of her spinners to weave in her egg sack
Winner of the ‘behavior: amphibians and reptiles’ category –
Where Giant Newts Breed, by João Rodrigues, Portugal – Rodrigues was surprised by a pair of sharp-ribbed salamanders courting.
Winner of the ‘Animal Portraits’ Category –
Reflection, by Majed Ali, Kuwait –
There he walked for four hours to meet Kibande, a mountain gorilla in his late thirties.
Portfolio Award Winner –
Face-off, by Cichlids of Planet Tanganyika, by Angel Fitor, Spain – Two male cichlid fish fight over a snail shell in Lake Tanganyika.
Winner of the ‘wetlands: the big picture’ category
Road to Ruin, by Javier Lafuente, Spain – A crisp, straight line of roads cuts the curves of the marshy landscape
Winner of the ‘Oceans: The Big Picture’ category –
Nursery Melting, by Jennifer Hayes, USA – Hayes records harp seals, seal pups and birth blood against melting sea ice.
Winner of the ‘Urban Wildlife’ Category –
The Spider Room, by Gil Wizen, Israel/Canada. Wizen found one of the most venomous spiders in the world, the Brazilian spider, guarding its litter under its bed.
Winner of ‘Photojournalist Story’ Category – The Healing Touch of Community Care, by Brent Stirton, South Africa. Director of the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center in Kinshasa embraces a chimpanzee orphaned from the bushmeat trade .
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To see all the images, go to the Museum website.