Burial in Seropédica, the body of the military man murdered while transporting by app | Rio de Janeiro

He was buried this Wednesday (13), in the Santa Sofia cemetery, in Seropédica, the military Flávio Amaral Teixeira, 21 years old. He was murdered while working with transport by application in Nova Iguaçu in the early hours of Monday (11).

The farewell ceremony brought together family, friends and also Army colleagues.

“My son was always a happy worker, he was a very active guy, he entered the barracks and was very happy. It also ran on Uber when I went out. Losing a child like that is cruel,” said Flávio Luz Teixeira, the soldier’s father.

Flávio Amaral Teixeira was a member of the Army and supplemented his income as an application driver. On Monday (11), he was transporting a couple of passengers to the Dom Bosco complex, in Nova Iguaçu.

As he passed by Estrada do Mato Grosso, in the Marapicu district, the soldier’s car was hit by dozens of shots. The Military Police collected at least 30 rifle pods on site.

Flávio was hit in the head, arrived at the General Hospital of Nova Iguaçu in a very serious condition, but died a few hours later.

Investigation is in charge of DHBF

The Baixada Fluminense Homicide Precinct is investigating the case and has teams on the road to discover the dynamics of the crime and the authorship of the shootings.

“We hope that the authorities will take the necessary measures because he was a boy who does not deserve to have his death unpunished,” said Antonio Inácio, a friend of Flávio.