CNH Popular: Detran website presents instability after program launch in Ceará | Ceará

  • CNH Popular: learn how to register for a free driver’s license in Ceará

The program’s application link is available on the state agency’s website, so the problem may be associated with high demand from interested parties. Detran-CE informed that the team of [Tecnologia da Informática] IT is working to identify what happened and resolve the issue.

Detran-CE website goes down this Wednesday (13) after the release of popular CNH. — Photo: g1 Ceará

The governor Camilo Santana (PT) announced, this Wednesday (13), the rules for participation in the National Popular License Program, known as CNH Popular.

Relaunch event of the CNH Popular program for cars and motorcycles. — Photo: Reproduction

In all, 25 thousand licenses will be offered in Ceará’s municipalities in 2021 and 2022. There are 20 thousand licenses for the interior and another 5 thousand for Fortaleza. The registration link is available on the Detran website. Read below how the registration is done.

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The rules were presented in live earlier this afternoon, and the program authorization term was signed at the same event. In August of this year, the governor had informed, for the first time, that the program would return with double the number of cards distributed.

The criteria for the participation of municipalities are as follows:

  • Number of inhabitants;
  • The municipality must have its own traffic authority or have an open process/request for municipalization of local traffic;
  • Number of inhabitants x number of registered vehicles;

Who can participate in the program:

  • Disabled people;
  • Beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program;
  • People Egress from the Penitentiary System;

Go to the Detran website (, then click on “habilitation” and on “CNH popular”. Choose the form of access (first authorization); inform your CPF, then confirm. Afterwards, a form appears that will ask for details such as contact and profession.

Then, you need to attach the documents (proof of residence, identity, NIS, CPF). Important to leave the contact as phone or email.

After confirming the registration by the interested party, a commission will analyze the order, and the person can monitor the status of their order on the website itself.

The interested party will receive information about the status of their registration through their e-mail and also on the Detran website. It will contain the registration status with a monitoring screen.

Attention when registering

  • Registration takes place only on the Detran website
  • Entries don’t happen through WhatsApp or other messages by cell phone
  • Only rely on information from official channels of the State Government and Detran
  • The citizen does not need to inform the city that will participate, when he informs the CEP, the city is already indicated.

Created in 2009, the program allows people with low incomes access, free of charge, to obtain their first CNH in categories A (motorcycle) or B (car). Since the creation of the program, 139 thousand people have been qualified through the initiative.

Anyone who qualifies in category A receives a helmet, guaranteed by Law No. 15.931 of December 2015, and which meets current legal requirements.