Cruzeiro players start strike this Thursday due to back wages – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Google Street View/Reproduction
Photo: Google Street View/Reproduction

Toca da Raposa II will not have training this Thursday for the professional team or the under-20

Thursday (14) should be a re-presentation at Toca da Raposa II, aiming at the next match between Cruzeiro, in Série B, against Avaí, on October 22nd, but the day will be marked by the beginning of the strike announced by the players in this fourth (13) due to repeated wage delays. Thus, the preparation for the game of the 31st round of Brasileirão is suspended indefinitely or until the board clears the outstanding amounts.

On Wednesday (13), a day off after the 0-0 draw against Botafogo at Independência, several players, including the captain and goalkeeper Fábio, posted a letter on social networks confirming the strike as a form of protest for lack of payments, not only from the professional cast, but also from other club employees.

In the text, the group states that the “situation is intolerable”, it says that in some cases there are up to six sheets overdue and also reveals that many people who work at Cruzeiro have received financial aid from athletes to support their families .

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On a trip to Europe, where he participated this Wednesday (13th) in the Global Football Management event, President Sérgio Santos Rodrigues countered the criticisms for leaving the country at a delicate moment experienced by Raposa and stressed that Cruzeiro’s position in the Series table B is not because he traveled to Portugal.

“It’s a challenge to be here at this time of Cruzeiro because, of course, there are people who will talk about it, there are always those who criticize. Wow, but Cruzeiro is in 10th position (actually, 11th) and the president is in Portugal. As if that were the worst of things, and that’s why Cruzeiro is in 10th position. Criticism of this was not lacking either. It’s more of a challenge and we can…”, said the president before the video was cut, interrupting the rest of the speech.

Meanwhile, the celestial team will have eight more “free” days until the match against Avaí, in Santa Catarina, time for Cruzeiro to seek a solution to the players’ complaints.