Cruzeiro U-20 Players Follow Professional Athletes and Join Protest Against Backlogs | cruise

Cruzeiro’s base players also live with delays in salaries and other benefits. In a letter similar to the one professional players published, I manifest. There is also the possibility of stoppage of the base players. There are athletes with delays of three to four months. (See below for the full document)

The club did not officially take a stand on delays, but according to the ge there is more than one payroll open with players.

In the statement released by the athletes of the Cruzeiro men’s main team, the athletes demand an effective position from the club’s board of directors for a position. Also according to the note, “the way athletes and employees are being managed was intolerable and unjustifiable”

Delays also for borrowed

The chaotic financial situation also affects players who have a contract but are not currently on Cruzeiro. Athletes borrowed, but for which the Minas Gerais club is responsible for part or all of their salaries, have not been paid for 7 months.

Sub-20’s full letter

Letter to the Blue Nation.
We, CRUISE ESPORTE CLUBE SUB-2-ATHLETES, hereby publicly inform and clarify to everyone and especially to the Cruzeiro Nation, what follows:
We confess that it is exhausting and distressing to write this letter to achieve rights, due to the unsustainable conditions. We will not remain silent, for this reason, we are here to give a voice, especially to employees who have suffered from the current situation.
We would like to inform you that, given the repeated salary delays in this year of 2021, which reached the unsustainable point of having up to 6 (six) months of delays, which demonstrates the precarious financial situation to which all employees, who are currently being rescued by the aid, are exposed /financial assistance from professional athletes to maintain their basic survival needs.
We emphasize that the delicate situation is practically unthinkable for a club of the grandeur and tradition of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube. Until the present moment, athletes and employees of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube (Toca I and Toca II) are behind in their salaries.
Among the professional cast and employees with a current employment contract, there are also financial pending items for the year 2020. We inform you that this letter was necessary due to the absolute absence of an effective response regarding the payment of back wages.
However, in this act, we emphasize that, all the financial difficulties imposed by the delicate situation, there has been and will not be lacking in the performance of employment contracts by professional athletes and employees, who have never left and/or will fail to honor the traditional shirt of this gigantic club .
We inform the management of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube that we will be awaiting the fulfillment of obligations as soon as possible, and it is regrettable to see the suffering of employees who dedicate their days to maintaining this centenary and victorious institution.
We will stop voice training for all employees who love the Club and are helpless.
Unfortunately, the way athletes and employees are being managed has become intolerable and unjustifiable. We will not accept this negligence that has affected families that dedicate their time, their sweat, their effort to care for, care for, and serve this much-loved institution Cruzeiro Esporte Clube.
Onward, Cruise. You are giant.
Belo Horizonte, October 13, 2021.”