Dark version of Deku wins collectible figure

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Attention: Spoilers Alert!

The character Izuku Midoriya won a collectible doll from its new version “Darkening” featured in the manga of Boku no Hero/My Hero Academy. As soon as the chapter in which the dark deku appears with this look came out, fans went wild with the remarkable transformation of the young man.

As this version had only appeared in the mango, fans could only speculate about the tones of the clothes and the details, but with this new collectible item, we can observe every detail of this look so different and now colorful.

With the image published by the series creator, we can confirm that Midoriya’s uniform as a hero was really all stained with mud and dirt, as the manga itself suggested in some moments of dialogue and frames in which the hero appeared. There were even moments that the population itself had fear of deku by its appearance, confusing it with a possible villain (via ComicBook).

However, a detail that is worth mentioning here are the eyes of the collectible, which still maintains a green glow. This is something important to note because despite this darker appearance visually (which is really cool), we can see that internally Izuku remains the same kind young man who just wants to use their new powers to help others. See the details in the image released by Twitter by Horikoshi, creator of the work:

Image posted on Twitter of the creator of My Hero Academia

Along with the image, Horikoshi made the following comment:

“I heard they were planning on making some kind of figure, so I submitted a request. Because I wanted to. It’s not often that you see such an overt abuse of authority. I’m looking forward to it!”

As a way to joke about your request to actually make a picture of the version of Dark Deku/Deku Black. Remember that Deku got this look after the recent events of the manga, which in the first arc of this series finale focuses on the consequences after the great war between heroes and villains, being succeeded by the escape of several villains from maximum security prisons.

Deku, knowing he was the target of All For One and Shigaraki, decides to get out of UA and fight single against villains while honing your skills with the One for All and search for clues about the whereabouts of shigaraki. Deku goes from being a hero student of the UA, to a kind of vigilant who works alone and without rest.

Certainly this new collectible figure has excited fans following the manga, as this dark aesthetic appeals to readers so much that they want to know if in the final fights Midoriya will still appear wearing her dark costume..

But what about you, do you like this dark aesthetic of Deku? Or do you prefer the traditional one? Tell us in the comments!

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