Evaldo Case: Justice condemns eight soldiers for the death of musician and waste picker

The Military Court of Justice condemned, at dawn this Thursday (14), eight Army soldiers responsible for the death of the musician Evaldo Rosa and waste picker Luciano Macedo, in April 2019. Judge Mariana Aquino acquitted four other officers who did not fire weapons on the day of the crime. The information is from UOL.

The trial began this Wednesday morning (13) and lasted more than 15 hours. Seven of the eight convicts had their sentence stipulated in 28 years of imprisonment in a closed regime. Lieutenant Italo da Silva Nunes Romualdo, who headed the action, was sentenced to 31 years and six months in a closed regime.

The eight soldiers will be expelled from the corporation for proven guilt. By 3 votes to 2, the Military Justice found them guilty of double murder and attempted murder. All 12 soldiers tried were acquitted for failing to help.

The defendants’ defense informed that it will appeal the decision, and they respond freely until the case becomes final, that is, all appeals are exhausted.

remember the case

On April 7, 2019, Evaldo Rosa was driving with his family when his vehicle was shot by the military. In total, 257 shots were fired, 62 of which hit the car, and nine of them hit the musician.

In the car with Evaldo were his wife Luciana, son Davi, a friend, and father-in-law, Sérgio Gonçalves de Araújo, who was also injured in the same operation.

The can collector Luciano Macedo tried to help the victims, but was eventually hit and died in hospital 11 days later.

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