‘Excursion work’ in Dubai by 69 members of the Bolsonaro government will cost more than BRL 3.6 million

BRASÍLIA — The trip by government members to Dubai to promote tourism in Brazil has already been defined by the secretary of Fisheries, Jorge Seif, as a “job-tour”, “too top”, such was their fascination with the city of the Emirates Arabs. But he is not the only one who will enjoy the benefits of the place, which promotes a mega event for businesses linked to technology and tourism. The Federal Executive authorized the sending of a delegation of 69 people to fairs and exhibitions between September and October and must disburse at least R$ 3.6 million in the city, according to a survey by GLOBO. So far, it has spent R$ 1.17 million on air and daily tickets for members of nine ministries and the Vice-Presidency, according to data from the Travel Panel, maintained by the Ministry of Economy.

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Spending on daily rates should be even higher, but it still does not appear in the Transparency Portals and its total estimate has not been informed by the ministries, sought by GLOBO. The legislation provides for a daily rate ranging between US$ 300 and US$ 350 for a trip to the United Arab Emirates. With the current exchange rate, it costs between R$1,652 and R$1,927 per day per person.

The delegation — whose number of people was even questioned internally by the technical area of ​​some ministries, according to O GLOBO — participates in Expo Dubai 2020 (delayed due to the pandemic) or related events. For the UN General Assembly in September, for example, about 45 people were sent to New York. The total value of trips to the city was R$1.1 million — unlike the tour to Dubai, this sum already includes most of the expenses on daily rates.

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no bidding

Embratur contracted advertising expenses in the Emirates: R$922 thousand with promotional material; R$ 50 thousand with a replica of Christ the Redeemer; R$ 380 thousand with “artistic nature” presentations; and R$ 2.3 million with the assembly of the exhibition, according to the Diário Oficial da União. Brazil has set up a pavilion whose theme is the Amazon forest. The contract for the show by Embratur was without a bid.

The Ministry of Tourism told GLOBO that Expo Dubai (which runs until March 2022) is the “largest event in the world about countries” and that it serves as a space for meetings with “entrepreneurs and potential investors”.

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In addition to the incumbent, Gilson Machado, and de Seif, who posted a video on the beach making fun of a shark — his “favorite animal” —, Vice President Hamilton Mourão was there, giving a lecture on sustainability. This month, it will be the turn of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovations (MCTI) to send a delegation of at least 24 people, in addition to minister Marcos Pontes himself.

Other ministries have sent or will send delegations of up to four people: Communications, Economy, Environment, Mines and Energy, Tourism, Agriculture, Infrastructure and the General Secretariat of the Presidency. The Environment Ministry informed that the two secretaries sent to Dubai participated in the Climate Change and Biodiversity Week.

Embratur and MCTI did not respond, as did the Communications, Economy, Mines and Energy and the General Secretariat. Agriculture informed that Seif presented a balance for the private sector in which it highlights the urgency of exploring new markets, since Brazil has not exported fish to the European Community since 2017.