Galiotte says that Palmeiras needs to improve, but warns: “While I’m president, Abel is the coach” | palm trees

Maurício Galiotte knows that Palmeiras need to improve their performance on the eve of the Copa Libertadores final and believes that this is possible with the current coaching staff. The club president said that while he is in office, Abel Ferreira does not run the risk of being fired.

– While I am the president of Palmeiras, Abel is the coach of Palmeiras. He has a contract until the end of next year, we will have a change of management and obviously there will be several reflections, the planning has already started. Some definitions will be made in December, from some players, about renewals, reinforcements, all that. We have treated, we have talked. Palmeiras, like all clubs, has needs, there are adjustments to be made in the squad. As I am leaving the club, ending the cycle in December, this needs to be done in four hands with the next administration. About Abel, while I am the president of Palmeiras, he is the coach of Palmeiras – he said, in an interview with ge.

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Abel Ferreira, Maurício Galiotte and commission at the Museum of Palmeiras — Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. Palmeiras

Verdão collapsed in the Brazilian Championship and is currently experiencing its biggest lack of victories in the “Crefisa era”: there are seven matches without winning. Confidence in the work of the cast and coaching staff, however, remains high.

– The moment is not good, we are going through instability. There’s the emotional wear and tear of everything we’ve participated in and been involved with in the last year. Palmeiras participated in eight decisions counting finals and knockouts, we have a technical moment below expectations. Physically, we can also highlight that we are down, for what we have suffered in recent months. Everything that Palmeiras experienced is exhausting, it demands a lot from the athlete, from the coaching staff. It’s inherent to what we’ve been through in recent months – analyzed Galiotte.

– We are aware, we know that we are not delivering an ideal performance, but Palmeiras is able to do much more and much better. We have a competitive squad, we have quality, national team players, we have structure, some renowned athletes, some young talents from the base, everything we need to be able to do better what we are doing. What exists is great confidence in our cast, coaching staff and professionals who are at Palmeiras. They are winners and have already proven their worth. The potential we have entitles us to be among the best. This is what has been happening in recent years, we are being protagonists and disputing titles – completed.

Palmeiras will have a presidential election on November 20, a week before the final of the Copa Libertadores, on the 27th, against Flamengo, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Leila Pereira is the only candidate in the election, but will only take over the club on December 15, if she has more than half of the votes in the members’ assembly. This means that Galiotte will still be in the presidential seat when Verdão tries to seek the tri-championship of America.

Abel Ferreira has a contract with Palmeiras until the end of 2022, and last week his manager, Hugo Cajuda, refuted versions that the coach’s idea is to leave the club in December.

Maurício Galiotte and Abel Ferreira at Academia do Palmeiras — Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. Palmeiras

Despite some even public differences between the coach and the board, Maurício Galiotte only praised the Portuguese, who is about to complete a year at the club and is looking for another title, in addition to the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil, won last season.

– Abel is a very qualified professional, he is a strategist, and a human being, who, like all of us, hits and misses. He always wants to win, at all times, and he demands a lot, he demands a lot from the structure. We are very close, we handle all matters. External some themes is part of his profile, he is very authentic. We have to understand this. We always want the best for the club, for the athletes, for Abel. There is a very transparent relationship between all of us at Palmeiras, the coaching staff, players, the board, there is a relationship of complicity. We know what we did, we carry out responsible management, a management in which our mission has to be respected, to meet the expectations of the fans – he pointed out.

– Palmeiras has to be the protagonist, be among the first, Abel knows that. We talk about this, values, respecting people, employees, employees, fans, families. He greatly admires our posture, the club’s positioning, the club’s values. It expresses many things because it belongs to the person, but it is always true, very authentic. We deal with everything that is exposed, he knows our limitations, the care to manage the club – he added.

Despite the bad phase and 13 points away from the leader Atlético-MG, who has a game in hand, the president of Palmeiras still believes it is possible to win the Brazilian title. On Sunday, Verdão hosts Internacional, at 4 pm (GMT), at Allianz Parque.

– As long as we have a chance, let’s not give up. We know that the difficulty today is very big due to the difference in score. But if we have a chance, we’ll fight, fight. We are always looking for the title, we have the structure, work, competence, quality to be among the best. Palmeiras has to be among the best. As long as we have title chances, let’s believe it – ended.

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