High diesel in refineries has already been transferred to pumps

The readjustment in the price of diesel oil at Petrobras refineries, on the 28th, of R$ 0.25 per liter, has already been completely passed on to final consumers. A survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) shows that the fuel became R$ 0.25 more expensive at the pumps, considering the average price of the week before Petrobras’ rise, of R$ 4.707, and that of the last week, at BRL 4.961, the last surveyed by the regulatory body.

This means that any addition to this value, from now on, will serve for distribution or resale companies to rebuild their profit margins. To some extent, they have already had some gain, because the readjustment at the gas stations should be smaller than that of Petrobras, since a portion of the product sold at the pump is made up of biodiesel and not by the state-owned company.

Despite this recent high, prices in Brazil are still below international prices and there is no import opportunity at this time, according to the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom). According to the organization, the appreciation of Brent and the exchange rate continue to pressure domestic prices.

Since the 29th, the import price of a liter of diesel has risen R$ 0.36, according to the organization. Thus, the difference between the Brazilian and international markets would be R$0.60/l, on average. “The import opportunity windows are all closed, both for gasoline and diesel,” says Sérgio Araújo, president of Abicom.