How the fourth farm of ‘A Fazenda’ was formed

Dayane Mello escaped the hot seat by winning the farmer’s competition, in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), which required agility and focus from the competitors. With this, Aline Mineiro, Gui Araujo and Victor Pecoraro form the fourth crop in the edition. One of them will bid farewell to the millionaire prize on Thursday night. Who do you want to stay?

How the garden was formed

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Farm 2021: Gui Araujo, Aline Mineiro, Victor Pecoraro and Dayane Mello are on the fourth farm

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Rico, the farmer of the week, began by nominating Gui Araujo to the spotlight: “The person I’m going to nominate today is a person who, in my opinion, has a very dirty game, is one of the most manipulative people, who manipulates the game,” he said. . With the power of the yellow flame, Arcrebiano gained an immunity and gave another one to Dynho. Thus, the two, in addition to the farmer, were immune in the fourth garden. Bil handed over the power of the red flame to Gui Araujo, who had a 2nd weight in his vote.

Aline Mineiro was the most voted in the house, occupying the second bench in the farm. The actress had to pull a pawn from the stall and Victor Pecoraro was chosen. Dayane Mello, on the other hand, stopped in the fields after remaining in the dynamics of the remaining one. The last pawn in the stall prohibits a fellow inmate from taking the farmer’s test. Aline vetoed Gui Araujo.

farmer’s proof

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The Farm 2021: Day, Aline and Victor at the farmer’s test

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During the day, the presenter Adriane Galisteu had already given a spoiler that the farmer’s fifth test would be lucky. “There’s no such thing as one having more advantage than the other,” he announced. Gui Araujo, who has been a farmer twice, did not compete. Dayane Mello, the last to secure the spot in the hot seat, vetoed Anitta’s ex-boyfriend.

It has two steps. At first, they will have to find cubes with cubes, with various products to fill a shelf. Whoever is the fastest gets the most points. Then, the business is to be lucky to reveal the products that are worth the most points on the panel. Detail: in each round, the roceiro will reveal two products, one for him and one for the opponent he wants. Adriane Galisteu

In the first phase, pedestrians needed to fill a panel with eight different cubes, which were inside a ball pool. The more pawn that filled the fastest got the most points.

Aline was the first roceira to fill the panel and got the better of the first stage, leading with 100 points. Dayane was second to finish and took 75 points, and Victor won 50 points for finishing in third place.

Adding the three stages, Dayane came out ahead in the score – with 7775 points at the end -, earning points from both Aline and Victor – who finished with 6050 and 2700 points, respectively – in the dynamics, and established herself as the new farmer of the reality show rural.

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