Husband of Kenyan athletics star called her parents crying and asking for forgiveness for ‘an accident’

The main suspect in the murder of Kenyan athletics star Agnes Tirop is her husband, who is missing, reports the country’s press. The 25-year-old athlete was found dead at her home near the town of Iten in Elgeyo Marakwet county on Wednesday.

Understand the case: Kenya Olympic star, world record holder, found stabbed to death at home

Agnes’ husband disappeared after calling her parents crying and asking for forgiveness for “an incident” he said he provoked. Local police chief Tom Makori told reporters that he is being wanted because initial investigations indicate he is the main suspect or knows the details that led to the runner’s death.

“Since her husband is missing and because of the call he made to her parents asking for forgiveness, we’re treating him as the prime suspect,” Makori said. to explain what you know.

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Agnes’ father had registered her disappearance on Tuesday night. The next day, he returned with his wife to the police station and told him about his son-in-law’s call. The police then went to the athlete’s house and found her body in her bedroom bed, with a knife wound in the neck – the first reports said that the blow would have been in the abdomen. According to Makori, there was a lot of blood at the crime scene. Security cameras and other items were collected from the house to be analyzed.

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According to the Kenyan newspaper “The Star”, relatives and friends of the two indicated that the couple was having marital problems. A friend of Agnes’s told police that the couple had previously quarreled and that she was staying at a training camp in the city. Neighbors suspect she would have gone to the house to pick up her belongings when the crime took place. Another athlete, who declined to be identified, stated that he had tried several times to help in the reconciliation of the two, who fought frequently, but the problem persisted.

Agnes was world cross country champion in 2015 and participated in the Tokyo Olympics in August: she was fourth in the 5,000m event. Two weeks ago, he took second place in a race in Germany. Also according to “The Star”, she had just returned to Kenya with the trophy she hadn’t even unpacked.

Agnes’ husband acted as her trainer but did not travel with her to Tokyo. Colleagues said marital problems appear to have worsened after the Olympics.