‘I was becoming the macho I never wanted to be’: the ‘dial-machismo’ that helps men in Colombia

  • Daniel Pardo
  • BBC News Mundo correspondent in Colombia

Two pictures of men smiling at the camera.

Credit, Alcaldia of Bogota

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More than 2,000 men have already looked for the Calma telephone line, created by the city of Bogotá

“Welcome to Calma, a listening line for men,” says a male voice, soft and slow. “We are here to listen and guide.”

Minutes later, a psychology specialist from Bogotá’s city hall joins the call to assist men in the Colombian capital who may be experiencing some kind of anguish.

In ten months of the existence of the Calma line, almost 2,000 men sought care. About 200 of them went through 10 free and personalized sessions to which they are entitled, just because they are willing to analyze their macho emotions, thoughts and attitudes.

“I was becoming the macho I never wanted to be,” baker and artist Alex Rodríguez, a 31-year-old Bogotá resident, tells BBC News Mundo (the BBC’s Spanish service).