impacts of DCTF Web and SST entry

In this second half of 2021, new groups will transmit the DCTF Web, with information about social security contributions, and the SST, events related to Health and Safety at Work.


The beginning of the obligation of DCTFWeb for individuals and legal entities is contained in Normative Instruction RFB nº 2.038/2021.

They must send the 2nd group of eSocial, with sales in 2016, less than 4.8 million, and Group 3.

The obligation referring to October 2021 must be submitted by November 12, 2021, considering that November 15, the national public holiday for the Proclamation of the Republic, is Monday.


The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) events can now be sent. Group 01 companies must send the information from this Wednesday (13th).

In Group 01 are the companies with the highest sales, above R$ 78 million and, therefore, they will start providing information through eSocial before the others.

How to stream DCTF Web and SST

It is common that, due to new tasks, professionals end up not understanding the system, given the way in which information is exposed in official government documents. The layouts and their annexes, as well as the manual, are more technical than didactic in nature.

To clarify possible doubts on the subject, Portal Contábeis will hold a webinar this Thursday (14), at 3pm, with Juliano Oliveira, specialist in Esocial, DCTFWeb, Per/Dcomp Web and partner at EB Training.

To participate, just fill in the form on the side. A few minutes before transmission, we will send you the access link. Mark the calendar and ask your questions!