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Instagram is testing an alert system to inform users of app instabilities. The news was announced by the social network on Monday (11), a week after the blackout that left the social networks controlled by Facebook offline for six hours. The new alert, which is being tested with users in the United States, will notify you when there is a service interruption caused by technical problems and also when the failure is resolved.

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The alert will be displayed within the “Activities” tab in the app, available for Android phones and iPhone (iOS), and will be identified by a megaphone icon accompanied by text indicating that there is an issue affecting the social network. By tapping on the notification, the user will see the details of the technical failure and the functions that are experiencing instability, with date and time. In the same section, the user will be notified when Instagram fixes the issue.

Instagram develops tool to warn users about instabilities in the app — Photo: Raquel Freire/TechTudo

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According to Instagram, the novelty comes to help users who may feel confused by technical problems on the social network. “When [as falhas] affect engagement or distribution, we know this can lead people to think the issues are unique to them, based on what they post. This lack of clarity can be frustrating, so we want it to be easier to understand what’s going on, directly from us,” Instagram says in a statement.

Also according to the text, the instability notifications will not necessarily be sent whenever there is a failure, but will be displayed when the company identifies that people are confused or looking for answers to the problems presented.

Instagram will issue an alert informing about instabilities and technical problems in the app — Photo: Disclosure/Instagram

The alert will continue in tests with North American users for the next few months. Instagram reinforces that, as with any experiment carried out on the platform, it is necessary to understand how the resource can help the community. The social network says that, if the notification is approved, it could be expanded to other regions of the world in the future.

Instagram has also modified the “Support Requests” into the new “Account Status” feature. According to the company, the new tool will be a unified area for the user to know the current status of their account. In it, the person can see if they have had any content removed — how many, when and why — or if they run the risk of having their profile disabled for breaking rules.

The environment will display user posts that have been removed and the reasons for the removal. In the same place, it will be possible to request a review of the approach, so that Instagram reassess the blocking of the content and can reactivate the post on the profile. The company, however, says it can maintain the removal by identifying that the individual has actually broken the app’s guidelines.

Account Status: new Instagram section will gather user infractions on the platform and allow review of the case — Photo: Disclosure/Instagram

Accounts that commit a violation will see a notification at the top of the feed that will lead to the Account Status section, but the tool will also be accessible through the app’s settings. Users who have never committed infringements within Instagram will see the message “You haven’t posted anything that affected your account status”.

Instagram says it plans to add new information to the Account Status tool in the future, with the aim of making people understand how content is being distributed within the platform.

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