Instagram will allow scheduled lives and “workouts” before the broadcast goes live

Instagram announced today (13) the arrival of new tools to facilitate the organization and realization of lives. Now, content creators will be able to work their live streams better and generate anticipation by scheduling up to 90 days in advance, sharing live news and setting user reminders.

This novelty finally puts the Instagram on par with YouTube and Tiktok, competitors that have had the resource for some time. On Google’s video platform, for example, there is the possibility of promoting such events through Google Ads and even using pre-recorded materials as if they were live through a feature called Estreias.

You can schedule your lives in advance (Image: Playback/Instagram)

Facebook, on the other hand, has also made it possible to schedule in advance for a long time, in addition to bringing specific tools for creators such as advance disclosures, real-time sharing and pre-broadcast experimental rooms. TikTok, Instagram’s main rival today, launched the lives in 2021 and brought with them the ability to pre-schedule and remind.

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According to Instagram, the live schedule will be made available to all profiles in the world from today, although the delivery will be done gradually over the next few days. Once the appointment is made, it will be possible to share the content directly with followers in Stories and as posts in the feed.

Another addition is the so-called Pratice Mode (Training Mode, in free translation) which should allow testing of the creator and his guests before the start of the event to test the connection, lighting, sound or any other necessary preparation before the live. . This is a long-awaited addition by users, as it allows for better familiarization for those who have never broadcast via Instagram or want to check technical details of their cell phone.

Lives on the rise, except for Insta

While welcome, the features may have come a little late to the platform, as there has been a considerable drop in Instagram lives since the start of the pandemic — just compare the app currently with a year ago and see how much less there are transmissions. On the other hand, platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Gaming have seen considerable growth in views thanks to content aimed at entertainment and online games.

It is worth remembering that Adam Mosseri’s popular social network is going through a process of redefining its strategies: the arrival of the Reels, the end of IGTV, the migration from photos to videos in Feed and, of course, the bet on lives with up to four people simultaneous.

Source: TechCrunch

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