Inter wins America-MG and keeps chasing the G6 of the Brazilian Championship

Inter even got a scare. He got ahead early, but soon took a draw in front of an organized visitor. However, he had the patience to build the victory by 3-1 against América-MG in the second half, in Beira-Rio, this Wednesday night. With the result, colorado continues in pursuit of the G6 of the Brasileirão, rising to 39 points in the table, one less than Corinthians, first in the classification zone.

Inter’s two goals were scored by Patrick, one at a time, and Yuri Alberto. The honor of the América-MG was noted by Ademir. Colorado returns to the field on Sunday, when it faces Palmeiras, at 4 pm. The match, valid for the 27th round, takes place at Allianz Parque.

Inter comes out ahead, but gives a draw soon

Without defender Bruno Méndez, who was out of the game due to a muscle injury reported by Inter on the eve of the game, coach Diego Aguirre was unable to repeat the lineup of the 5-2 rout over Chapecoense, as he would have liked. For his place, in defense, the chosen one was Gabriel Mercado. The other 10 positions were held by the commander.

Despite playing away from home, it was América-MG who felt more at ease in the opening minutes. Triggering especially Ademir, on the back of Moses, who suffered in the marking at the beginning of the game, Coelho took advantage on the right. He got straight corners and barely let Inter keep the ball.

However, in the first arrival, Inter managed to open the scoring. At 14, Rodrigo Dourado was smart and took a free kick quickly, in a cavadinha looking for movement within the area. Patrick infiltrated the back of the defense and, first, left leg, appeared to volley. The ball puffed up Matheus Cavichioli’s goals, making it 1-0 for Colorado in a great goal.

América-MG didn’t feel the goal and didn’t even leave time for Inter to celebrate. Well posted as it was, it went up again on the left, two minutes after taking the tie. After a hit, when Cuesta tried to pull away and dusted on top of Dourado, she introduced herself to Ademir. In a good phase, he finished without so much strength, but had the contribution of goalkeeper Daniel to tie the game 1-1.

Minutes later, América-MG almost turned. Fabricio was fired in the face of Daniel, who had to leave quickly to close the angle and avoid the goal. After the scare, however, Inter returned to balance their actions. Thus, he ended the first half managing to occupy more of the opponent’s field, even though he did not produce enough to finish ahead before the break.

Patrick scores again, and Yuri defines the victory

For the second stage, coach Diego Aguirre had to make an exchange. Rodrigo Lindoso, who had been feeling uncomfortable since the first half, was replaced. In his place in the role of steering wheel, the chosen one was Johnny.

Well marked in the first half, forward Yuri Alberto had more freedom at the beginning of the final stage, being more driven. In the first 15 minutes, there were two crosses, a low one on the right and a high one on the left, towards the center forward. In none of the opportunities, however, was the finish good enough to put Inter back in front.

In his last appearance in the match before being replaced by Caio Vidal, Mauricio provided great assistance to help put Inter back in front. From the right, he crossed to Patrick, very well positioned. Goalkeeper Matheus Cavichioli made the wrong decision to leave the goal, and was defeated by midfielder colorado, who sent it to the back of the net with his head, scoring his second in the game.

The scorer, however, was unable to resist for a long time during the match, and turned a headache for Aguirre and a concern for the fans. Feeling it, it fell to the lawn and needed to be replaced. Widely applauded by the audience returning to Beira-Rio, he left the field for the entry of full-back Paulo Victor.

In the end, America-MG seemed to get tired. The initial impetus to get ahead was diminishing and Inter kept the mark adjusted until the end. There was still time for Yuri Alberto, in the end, to make the third. After a play worked through the middle, the ball reached Caio Vidal, who, face to face with the goalkeeper, placed the ball on the crossbar. On the rebound, the center forward appeared to check it head on. Thus, Colorado built the victory by 3-1, the second in a row under the eyes of the public in Beira-Rio, and follow the pursuit of the G6 of Brasileirão, with a point less than Corinthians.

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Brazilian Championship – 27th round

Inter 3

Daniel; Saravia, Mercado, Cuesta and Moisés; Dourado, Lindoso, Mauricio, Taison and Patrick; Yuri Alberto. Coach: Diego Aguirre

America-MG 1

Cavichioli; Patric, Eduardo Bauermann, Ricardo Silva and Lucas Kal; Marlon, Juninho, Juninho Valoura and Felipe Azevedo; Ademir and Fabricio Daniel. Technician: Vagner Mancini

Goals: Patrick (14/1T, 18/2T), Ademir (16/2T) and Yuri Alberto (45/2T)

Yellow cards: Felipe Azevedo and Ribamar (America-MG)

Arbitration: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)

Local: Beira-Rio Stadium, in Porto Alegre (RS)

Date and time: 10/13, at 9:30 pm

Public: 9,711 fans

Income: BRL 426,440.00