Intoxicated, man has a car accident and loses his penis

An American lost his penis after being in a traffic accident while driving while intoxicated. The accident happened in May 2014, but 29-year-old Paul Berry revealed the details of the case only now. Information is from the Metro newspaper.

Surgeons had to remove Berry’s genital organ and one of Berry’s testicles to save her life. Thus, the man was unable to have children.


The victim is fully recovered from genital amputation and spoke about the dangers of drunk driving: “I want to tell the world about the emotional toll this has taken and will always take on me. It changed my life forever in a way I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

The dog handler travels from his home in Saint Louis, Missouri, to see his then-girlfriend in Columbia, Illinois. Paul had been drinking with a friend, but said he was used to taking “strong drinks” before hitting the road.

The accident

Paul is believed to have fallen asleep while driving or skidded in the rain as he turned off the highway after crossing a bridge at around 2 am. The man lost control of the vehicle, which rolled over when he tried to correct course.

“[O carro] It flipped a few times and I was ejected through the rear window. So I ended up flying and the vehicle kept rolling. I hit the ground and the car stopped rolling right on top of me”, he reported.

A truck driver found the victim and asked others to help him get the car off Paul. The boy was taken by helicopter to St Louis University Hospital in Missouri. There, he was placed in an induced coma.

Paul also broke his neck, hips, two ribs, jaw and nose and left a brain injury, in addition to the genital injury.

The coma lasted for five weeks, and during the period surgeons tried to reconstruct the genital organ. However, the patient has gone into leukocytosis, in which too many white blood cells flood the injured area. That picture could have killed Paul.

Doctors had to perform an emergency amputation, leaving the man with just a stump, which he says still feels somewhat sensational. Paul is single and still struggling with the fear of meeting someone. The boy also hopes to have funding in the future for a penis transplant.