Is it worth using a credit card to pay water and electricity bills? – Economy

Enel Distribuição São Paulo began to accept credit card for the payment of energy bills From this month. The modality is already being used by consumers to settle water and telephone debts.

Is using a credit card to pay water, electricity and telephone bills worth it? What do experts say?

For Miguel José de Oliveira, executive director of Anefac (National Association of Finance Executives), using a credit card to pay essential bills is not a problem. The modality, according to him, is used all over the world for this purpose as well.

“The big problem is not paying the bill on the due date and entering the revolving credit, which operates at high interest rates, 13% per month”, warns Oliveira.

The recommendation is: “Use your credit card to pay water, electricity and telephone bills, but if you have the guarantee that you will pay the bill on time”.

Juliana Inhasz, an economics professor at Insper (Institute of Education and Research), believes that this possibility of payment is interesting for those who like to plan, but requires caution.

The teacher emphasizes that “particularly does not think it is good to spend consumer bills on credit considering the average consumer”.

“Most Brazilians do not have control or guaranteed high wages that make this option a guarantee of payment without high interest,” he says.

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