Jojo Todynho lets loose after gossip about playing controversial boyfriend

Jojo Todynho and Marcio Felipe (Reproduction)
Jojo Todynho and Marcio Felipe (Reproduction)

The singer Jojo Todynho he decided to open up a little intimacy and reject some criticisms regarding his relationship with Marcio Felipe. The 24-year-old artist spoke about accusations that she was “playing” the boy.

In an interview with Matheus Mazzafera, the winner of A Fazenda 12 got the word out and didn’t speak out. According to Jojo, people are very prejudiced and guaranteed that he has not supported the relationship.

“Violent grip I like! Dominate and be dominated. (…) We see prejudice in Brazil. My boy is a cat, a hot one and they are saying that I am playing him! Look at me and respect me. Old bitch, retired bitch. And if I want to pay it, it’s my money, if I want to, I’ll even stick it in…”, said Jojo.

Jojo and Marcio started dating last month, where the case was exposed with much controversy. This because the artist’s boy would be having an affair with a manicurist from Rio de Janeiro before taking up the romance with the famous.

online confusion

Talking about dating controversy, the case had so much repercussion in the last month that it even messed with Jojo’s structure. Through a video, the famous commented on the attacks she was receiving on social networks.

Revolted by the gossip in her name, the funkeira denied that the boy was dating and guaranteed that she would never get involved with any committed man.

“Do you really think that I, Jordana, Jojo Todynho, need to hang out with other guys? Old bitch, retired bitch. I’ve never had to go to bed with anyone’s male because I have the man I want, the time I want and I don’t even have the time for that”, started Jojo.

“Respect for the education my grandmother and aunt gave me. I never coveted anything from anyone, never touched anything from anyone. I’m where I am because I knew how to plant and if I’m harvesting, it’s because of my effort”, he said.

The Multishow host also revealed that the attacks were causing her mental health problems and I was barely able to sleep. “I’m at a stress level that I can’t sleep. So respect me, you who come to curse me. Because if there’s one thing I know how to be, it’s a bitch and a slut, I teach that. I don’t need to hang out with anyone’s male. I didn’t know which date was a boyfriend. I’m a single woman. I met the most worthy bachelor”, completed the funkeira.

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