Kisses between Day and Aline and shacks mark dawn

Fire in the hay! The night was busy with the new farmer Dayane Mello, bullshit involving Valentina Francavilla and lots of kisses between Day and Aline Mineiro in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV).

Day got rid of the hot seat and celebrated the farmer’s hat by kissing Aline – even a live peck rolled -. Valentina set up a shack with the pedestrians and had a serious conversation with Tiago Piquilo regarding their friendship.

There was also Rico Melquiades questioning Sthe Matos’ friendship with Bil Araújo, as well as Solange Gomes warning Rico about Aline on the farm. Check out now a summary of everything that happened!

Dayane Mello is the new farmer

Dayane Mello won a dispute against Aline Mineiro and Victor Pecoraro, getting rid of the fourth field of rural reality. The two pawns now face Gui Araujo in the hot seat, who did not participate in the race after receiving Dayane’s veto.

The girl was thrilled with the victory, hugged Aline Mineiro and shouted:

Thank you thank you!

Dayane Mello

Kisses and more kisses

Before the announcement of the winner of the farmer’s competition of “A Fazenda 13”, Aline Mineiro and Dayane Mello gave a peck while the presenter Adriane Galisteu called the program break, live on RecordTV.

The kiss between women, live on the station of Bishop Edir Macedo, became a topic among fans of the program. After all, RecordTV is a broadcaster linked to the Universal Church and the exchange of affection between women is causing a nuisance in the temple.

In the fourth, Rico Melquiades, Dayane, Aline and Solange celebrate their victory, when Rico shouted:

Look at the dykes, people, vote for them, the fagots too. Leave the gays, leave the dykes! The program needs a dyke, Record needs a dyke!

Rich Melquiades

The two kissed again and the comedian made fun of the pair.

“They’re a dyke! So beautiful the bishop sees you kissing. If you go out, ask to see the chart because the bishop told you to go out, because you’re a dyke,” joked Rico.

2021 Farm: Rico says 'Record needs more dyke' - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

The Farm 2021: Rico says ‘Record needs more dyke’

Image: Playback/Playplus

Valentina tent

Valentina Francavilla took advantage of the presence of pedestrians in the room, during the early hours of today, to announce that she will go to war with those who vote for her with the argument about her friendship with Rico Melquiades. The former stage assistant of “Programa do Ratinho” (SBT) made a fuss with Gui Araujo, MC Gui, Mileide Mihaile, Tati Quebra Barraco and Bil Araújo.

Can I say something? I really hope that no one judges me for the friendships I have and only judges me for my attitudes

, fired Valentina Franvilla to the participants.

Farm 2021: Valentina starts a discussion with pedestrians after the farmer's test - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

Farm 2021: Valentina gets into a fight with pedestrians after the farmer’s test

Image: Playback/Playplus

Bil Araújo trades barbs with Valentina

Valentina Francavilla got annoyed when she saw Bil Araújo call her a soap dish and countered the pawn saying that only now she has a reason to get into bullshit.

“I’m what, Bil? Soap dish and no argument, is that it?” asked Valentina. “Why did you wait for her to pick up her hat to come say something here?” teased the former “BBB 21”, saying that the pawn was feeling strong that Dayane Mello had won the farmer’s test.

“You’re a soap dish. Vote for me next week,” joked Bil. “Well, I won’t talk anymore,” grumbled the girl. “Out of nowhere, old man,” finished the pawn.

Farm 2021: Bil calls Valentina a soap dish and irritates people - Reproduction/Plauplus - Reproduction/Plauplus

The Farm 2021: Bil calls Valentina a soap dish and irritates people

Image: Reproduction/Plauplus

“Be quiet because your friend is in the field”

Solange Gomes asked Rico Melquiades not to cause any trouble until the completion of the fourth field. After all, her friend Aline Mineiro is in the hot seat due to the judgment for her friendship with him and a fit of anger must hurt her with the public.

Be quiet until tomorrow because your friend is in the field.

“No, I won’t get in trouble, no,” Rico promised.

The Farm 2021: Solange asks Rico to be quiet so as not to harm Aline - Play/Playplus - Play/Playplus

The Farm 2021: Solange asks Rico to be quiet so as not to harm Aline

Image: Playback/Playplus

“Is your husband happy to see you smoothing Bil?”

Rico Melquiades sought out Sthe Matos to talk and warned the girl to open her eyes with Bil Araújo.

I know there is friendship between man and woman. Of course there is and this is normal, but do you think your husband (actually is engaged) will be happy to see you smoothing Bil? If it were the other way around, Victor had smoothed a woman here, would you be like you outside? Only I know there’s nothing like that with you and him because I know you. I know there is a friendship between a woman and a man. I know all of this. But, like, play, Stefane. Get out of Bil’s leftover because Bil won’t give you the prize

, declared Rico Melquiades.

2021 Farm: Rico warns Sthe Matos about Bil - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

The Farm 2021: Rico warns Sthe Matos about Bil

Image: Playback/Playplus

Valentina mocks Bil in realities

Valentina Francavilla recalled the failures of Bil Araújo on “BBB 21” and “No Limite”, both on Rede Globo, to question what morale he has for finding himself in “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV).

“The people who voted for her are because of this [da amizade com Rico]? Are you sure?”, asked Tiago Piquilo to Valentina, who replied. “No. Two I’m sure of,” he declared. “Of seven, are you sure of two?” the singer asked again. “But the others can’t explain why,” said the former stage assistant of the “Program of the Mouse” (SBT).

2021 Farm: Valentina detonates Bil for Tiago - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

The Farm 2021: Valentina Detonates Bil for Tiago

Image: Playback/Playplus

Tiago sets limits on friendship with Val

Valentina Francavilla had a chat with Tiago Piquilo about having no ulterior motives with the fact that she likes to hug and kiss the pawn – even though they had a brief relationship in the past.

“I was very upset, Tiago,” declared Valentina. “I know, but that’s what I think. I, Tiago, think that what differentiates two people from a friend is when they don’t get involved sexually,” stated Tiago. “It upsets me,” declared Valentina.

This is something I think. I told you what? That our situation can be above friendship. First we were friends and then we went out with you. When you are a friend, you know a little further. What differentiates a person from being a friend or not is the sex. Friend doesn’t have sex with each other. Isn’t the next step dating and getting married? Isn’t it the law of life?

James Piquilo

2021 Farm: Tiago explains why Valentina can't call him brother - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

The Farm 2021: Tiago explains why Valentina can’t call him brother

Image: Playback/Playplus

The Farm 2021: Who do you want to be on reality?


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