Lira defends revision of Petrobras’ pricing policy: ‘Monopoly’ | Economy

Mayor attended the 7th Summit of Presidents of the G-20 Parliaments
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Mayor attended the 7th Summit of Presidents of the G-20 Parliaments

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), criticized Petrobras’ monopoly on cooking gas and the company’s lack of energy investment. According to him, the state-owned company, despite having a part of private capital, is predominantly public and, for this reason, it is important to review its energy investment policy. For Lira, Petrobras cannot just distribute resources to shareholders. The president highlighted that the focus of the discussion is neither to change the state-owned price policy nor the company’s board. The statements were made in an interview with Radio CNN this Wednesday (13th).

“There is neither one thing nor the other: there is no backroom talk neither to change the pricing policy nor its board. There it works on automatic. Joaquim Luna e Silva [presidente da Petrobras] he said that the company does not carry out public policy, no one is talking about a social program or public policy. We are dealing with the absurd monopoly of cooking gas and the lack of energy investment. It is a predominantly public company, and what exists there is a policy that needs to be revised, because currently it only distributes resources”, criticized Lira.

“We want to know what happened to the gas pipeline that was sold for R$ 90 billion and this resource did not come to the Union”, demanded the president.

Lira and deputies have been discussing a proposal that changes the ICMS charge on fuels, with the aim of lowering prices. The proposal still does not have a date to go to the Plenary. According to the president of the Chamber, the value of the tax would be calculated based on the variation in fuel prices in the two previous years. The president assesses that there would be an immediate reduction of 8% in the price of gasoline, 7% in alcohol and 3.7% in diesel oil. Arthur Lira stated that the purpose of the proposal is not to withdraw state revenues, but to create a “retention bag” to avoid the direct transfer of fuel increases to the population due to variations in oil and the dollar.

“The federal government has already had the tax frozen since 2004, we are in 2021. It is fixed, it does not increase, regardless of the variation in oil. It is a subject that has generated discussion. Gas is a crisis in Brazil. Petrobras’ monopoly is absurd, we have an increase in alcohol burns, people using firewood to cook. These matters need to be treated with transparency and not with a version”, he said.

“We are clearly proposing that, at a time of crisis, which impacts the lives of Brazilians, the states can stop earning more, they will not lose in the long and medium term,” explained Lira.