LoL will have /all disabled in managed matches

Riot Games will disable /all, also known as LoL’s global chat, in one of the upcoming updates. The news was shared by League of Legends directors in a post on the official website.

“We are working on a number of changes to address these issues both in LoL and other spaces at Riot Games, but a direct change that will take effect in update 11.21 is the disabling of chat /all in managed queues,” explain rioters Meddler and Brightmoon.

LoL chat all
Scenes like this will no longer be possible in LoL anytime soon. Photo: Reproduction/League of Legends

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“Despite being a source of fun social interaction between teams (which can result in friendly banter), lately negative interactions have outnumbered positive ones in this type of chat,” they add.

The team reinforces that only the global chat will be disabled, and it will still be possible to show your champions’ emotes and interactions. It will be possible to chat between the teams at the end of the match, and nothing will change in the team chat. In custom matches, it will still be available as always.

All of this will be applied in the next LoL patch, 11.21. It will come with a Syndra visual update and new Dracomante skins.