Luísa Sonza has already had relationships with other women and uses anxiolytics

Luísa Sonza, 23 years old, publishes something related to mental health from time to time and how the criticisms she receives affect her mental health. Now, in an interview with JP magazine, the singer comments that she needed to use anxiolytics and therapy.

‘My therapist accompanies me all the time and I take anxiolytics and antidepressants, because the panic attacks got stronger. There wasn’t, I’ve always been an anxious person, but dealing with this is very complicated, because it’s something that torments every day’, laments the magazine’s October cover.

The artist recalls the attacks she received when Whindersson Nunes, her ex-husband, lost the baby she was expecting with Maria Lina. At the time, Luísa went to Mexico and moved away from social media.

It was an escape, it did me a lot of good, but I wasn’t dealing with the situation itself, I was running away. I needed that time, I practically went to live in another reality, I didn’t want to go back. I spent about 15 days in Mexico, but I had to return to work and fulfill contracts and stuff, I couldn’t put things off any longer.

dating women

To the magazine, Luísa – who is admittedly bisexual – says that she has already had a relationship with other women. “It’s a natural thing. I’ve never dated girls, but I’ve been involved. I feel like a free woman. I’m a calm person in relation to sexuality, I’m not one to be with a lot of people. But I’ve been interested in men and I’ve been interested in women, and that’s it” reveals.