Mara Maravilha recalls the hurt with Xuxa and fights with Angelica

Mara Maravilha once again recalled the confusion involving her and the hosts Angelica and Xuxa.

Yesterday, she participated in the podcast “Ticara Caticast”, by Bola e Carioca, and explained that the fight between her and Angelica occurred because of a rumor planted by the media saying that Mara had done a macumba against Luciano Huck’s wife.

“I had a little relationship with Angelica, then there was some gossip about the macumba, but it’s gone, it’s out there in the sea of ​​oblivion. It was slander. I won the process. Angélica and I were great victims of media products”, explained.

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Mara Maravilha recalls a fight with Angélica and Xuxa

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Despite past disagreements, Mara explained that there is no problem with the two.

“Including, now, I send my feelings, that she is now with illness problems with her father. I am in a very peaceful moment”, he said. Angelica’s father had a stroke last Saturday (9) and is recovering in hospital.

The disappointment with Xuxa still exists, as the presenter believes she is excluded by the queen of the short ones.

“I’ve always had a closer relationship with Xuxa, going to her house, on all her shows, and, repeatedly, she did the Egyptian thing as if I didn’t exist in her friendship trajectory,” he explained.

Despite the disappointment, Mara says she respects the blonde: “Xuxa is beautiful and such, but this beauty has to remain inside us, it has to be interior. I hope she doesn’t lose this previous beauty, which I have not seen in her anymore I respect her. I think everyone has both phases. Today, my outburst is not about rancidity, but about facts. And against facts there are no arguments. I went to her house, to all her programs, here and in Argentina, and suddenly, she ignores me”.

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