Marília Gabriela’s lawyers are surprised by the disclosure of the lawsuit against the owner of Paris 6

In the column LeoDias, the lawyers of the presenter Marília Gabriela showed they were surprised by the disclosure of a lawsuit involving the journalist and Isaac Azar, partner and founder of the Paris 6 restaurant chain. interview published on the YouTube channel of this columnist who speaks to you, who received a call from a lawyer presenting herself as Marília’s spokesperson to talk about the opening of a lawsuit in which she asks the businessman to return around one million reais who invested, along with their children, in their network.

“There is a lawsuit for the presentation of documents with our request for judicial secrecy. For this reason, we will await the court decision before we can make any comments about it, as the case may be. We were very surprised that this subject came out in the press. In this way, we will respect the process of the process and the privacy of the Cochrane family. Sincerely”, said the professional.

Isaac revealed that he and Marilia were great friends and didn’t need to have come to this point. “Had Gabi as an older sister. During the pandemic I sent food to Gabi’s house, I worried, I was always a friend. I was very sad”.

The entrepreneur guarantees that he will pay what he owes, but within the period stipulated in the contract. “In the middle of the pandemic it was a big blow. There was no disappearance of a million as they said. They will receive it either in April or in May”.

Watch the full interview and learn details of the negotiation between Isaac and Marília Gabriela at the link below:

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