Mileide delivers alleged manipulation of Record TV in the formation of Roça

Mileide Mihaile delivered an alleged manipulation by Record TV in the formation of Roça de A Fazenda 13. Gui Araújo, Aline Mineiro, Dayane Mello and Victor Pecoraro are on the spotlight this week.

This Wednesday (13/10), the businesswoman stated that she saw the seal of the lamp on the floor of the headquarters before the vote took place and concluded that one of the powers is placed inside only after the winner of the Fire Test is defined.


“When was my [lampião], I saw the seal on the floor one day. I know that one of the powers is the public that votes, I think they choose after the race. So, the public chose this power of Bil [Araújo] knowing that he was the one who had won”, she said, in conversation with MC Gui and Marina Ferrari.

“The production people must have put [o poder] in there [do lampião] while we are locked in our room at dawn. I just don’t know which of the two it is”, concluded Wesley Safadão’s ex-wife.

Edir Macedo’s station was questioned by TV News about Mileide’s fraud allegations, but said it would not comment on the matter.