Newcastle’s new owner wants to buy giants in Inter Milan, Olympique de Marseille and Brazilian club, says newspaper

Inter Milan, Olympique Marseille and Brazilian club. The Saudi Arabian fund that bought Newcastle wants to assemble a group of teams, according to the Italian newspaper Daily Liberation

O Newcastle it shouldn’t be Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s only club. According to the newspaper Daily Liberation, from Italy, the investment fund of Saudi Arabia want three more clubs.

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According to the publication, two clubs are already defined. Are they the Inter Milan it’s the Marseille Olympics, giants of Italy and France, respectively. The third would be a Brazilian team not yet defined.

There is no forecast for negotiations with the teams and their current owners to start, even with the Brazilian to be defined. The fund’s planning is for a long-term project, with more than one team, such as the group that runs the Manchester City.

The simplest case seems to be that of Inter. The newspaper AT it had already published that the fund had already met with the Italian club and the price was put on the table for a possibility of business: 1 billion euros (R$6.4 billion).

The amount represents R$ 4.2 billion more than the Arab fund spent on the purchase of Newcastle. The Magpies were acquired for 300 million euros, around R$ 2.2 billion.

Currently, Inter belongs to the Zhang family. In 2018, Steven Zhang took over and, at the age of 26, became the youngest president in the history of a club.

However, in recent months, financial difficulties hampered the Chinese management, and Inter was forced to dispose of its main players, such as Romelu Lukaku, who headed for the Chelsea, and Hakimi, who left Italy to play for the Paris Saint-Germain.

Thus, the possibility of being bought by the Arab billionaire emerged as a solution for Inter Milan to solve the financial problems encountered and return to being at the forefront of the European scenario.