Nine states allow return of in-person classes for all students; see situation by country | back to school

On-site classes for all students, every day, were authorized in the state network in 9 states across the country, according to a survey by g1. In another 12, the classes still follow a hybrid format — that is, part in-person and part distance learning. In 2 states, the mandatory return is only for part of the students.

  • They have already authorized the return of in-person classes: AM, AP, CE, ES, MA, MS, PA, PR and SC;
  • Defined return date: BA, MT, PI and SP;
  • resumed for a few years: AL and RR;
  • They continue with lessons in hybrid format: AC, DF, GO, MG, PB, PE, RJ, RN, RS, SE and TO.

Classroom classes are already authorized in Amapá, Amazonas, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Maranhão, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará, Paraná and Santa Catarina.

In Roraima, the on-site classes were only resumed for the last year of high school and for the Education of Youth and Adults (EJA). In Alagoas, the state authorized face-to-face return for students from the 5th and 9th years of elementary school and for students from the 3rd year of high school.

On Wednesday (18), the government of São Paulo announced that face-to-face classes will once again be mandatory for 100% of students in the state as of next Monday (18), the same date on which classes in this format will be resumed in the Bahia is on Mato Grosso.

already the Piauí announced the phased return of classes in the state network, starting on Monday (18th). It is expected that in-person classes in all stages of education return until November 1st (see situation by states below).

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Experts call for reforms and protocols

Ethel Maciel, PhD in Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins University and full professor at the Federal University of Espírito Santos (Ufes), only agrees with the return of 100% face-to-face and mandatory teaching in São Paulo schools by maintaining the WHO protocols and at least the availability of tests.

“We have to think about the return from a pedagogical, but epidemiological, point of view, and under the latter the outlook is still bad. There are still no vaccines for children and adolescents who have just taken the 1st dose. The lack of this protection favors transmission , so it is bad to go back without at least having a testing program. This would already bring security because we could monitor the children, family members and guidance on what to do in positive cases,” he argued.

Back to face-to-face classes in SP: questions and answers

Back to face-to-face classes in SP: questions and answers

Professor Renato Janine Ribeiro, former Minister of Education, accompanies Dr. Ethel about the fear, and warns about the structure of schools for this new phase in education during the pandemic.

“I find this return somewhat worrying. The children are not all vaccinated, there have still been many reports of teachers with Covid-19 and I knew of few works to adapt schools to this situation, with cafeterias and public bathrooms still somewhat neglected, without ventilation, with the need to increase the cleaning teams. The damage that distance learning causes is really serious, but so is the loss of life,” argued Janine.

See the situation by state:

At the end of September, the state authorized the return of on-site classes for students in the 5th and 9th years of elementary school and for students in the 3rd year of high school.

In the state, in-person classes are authorized for all stages of teaching since August 2nd. In practice, the return depends on the adaptation of each school to the rules of distance and other safety measures and, therefore, some schools still have remote classes.

Classes in the state network of Amazonas were once again 100% in-person at the end of August.

Next Monday (18), in-person classes will resume for 100% of students from schools in the state.

Classroom classes are allowed in the state public network. According to the State Department of Education (Seduc), 86% of all teaching units in the Ceará network “are already in transition to prioritize on-site activities”.

In the state, classes were again fully presential on Monday (11).

It is authorized to return 100% in person in state public schools in Maranhão, but only a few of them have resumed classes in this modality. According to the government, the process of resuming in-person classes in the state will be done gradually.

Next Monday (18), in-person classes will resume for 100% of students from schools in the state. Students with comorbidities may opt for the remote modality.

In the state network, in-person classes were resumed in early October.

According to information from the State Department of Education (Seduc), 100% in-person classes in the state network have been released since October 1st. Students who study in units under renovation and those who prove exceptional cases can follow classes remotely.

On-site classes for students from the state network were resumed at the end of September. Only students with comorbidities could follow the remote modality. According to the Department of Education and Sports (Seed), in some schools there is a need for students to take turns to ensure distance within the classroom. In these cases, students who are at home can follow classes remotely on designated days.

The state announced the phased return of classes in the state network, as of Monday (18), following the schedule below:

  • 10/18: 3rd year of high school
  • 10/25: 5th and 9th grades of Elementary School
  • 11/1: 1st to 8th year of Elementary School and 1st and 2nd year of High School

In the state network, on-site classes were only resumed for students in the 3rd year of High School and Education for Young People and Adults (EJA).

All students from the state network of Santa Catarina must attend school in person, with the exception of students who belong to risk groups for Covid-19 – students who belong to these groups can attend school in person, provided they present a medical report releasing the return . In schools that are unable to guarantee distance between students in the classroom, the adoption of the hybrid modality is allowed.

The state government announced the mandatory resumption of classroom classes for 100% of students as of next Monday (18th).