Novel ‘Genesis’: kidnapped, Asenate shocks when she sees Teruel

Asenate (Letícia Almeida) will be kidnapped at novel “Genesis” when Mahamid (undisclosed actor) impersonates Sheshi’s army soldier (Fernando Pavão) and deceives the Egyptian. By then, she will have become José’s (Juliano Laham)’s wife and had a fight with him on her honeymoon. At the same time, the governor of Egypt will be warned of the danger that Asenath is in, but he will not arrive in time.

“I received orders from him to come and fetch you. The governor has gone to the village to meet the peasants and will not be returning home today. That is why he wants you to join him for the next few days in one of the king’s properties , close to where he is,” lies Mahamid, making Asenate fall to the plane. In the streets of Avaris, the girl suspects that she is not accompanied by other soldiers, but the villain finds an excuse.

“It’s not to draw so much attention, ma’am,” he says. “Where exactly are you taking me?” insists Pentephres’ daughter (Nando Cunha). “I’m not allowed to say. But if I may… I think the governor wants it to be a surprise,” Mahamid replies, making Asnate happy.

Novel ‘Genesis’: Asenate is shocked to see Teruel

But soon she realizes that something strange is happening as she looks down the road and notices that they are no longer in Avaris. “For the soldier car, I want to go down. I told you to stop the car!”, he asks in the biblical plot while the villain smiles and says: “Now it’s too late.”

Mahamid speeds up the kind of car even more, terrifying José’s wife in the serial that is on its final stretch. “I want to get down! Let me down!” demands, unsuccessfully, Asenate. “Mahamid says nothing. He continues to drive the car with speed, until Teruel (Amaurih de Oliveira), dressed as a soldier but in armor different from the one he wore in Egypt, steps in their path at a distance, making a friendly signal to Mahamid. Shock of Asenate upon seeing him,” asks for the text.

It is good to remember that when the telenovela arrives at that point, Teruel will have been convicted of treason, but managed to escape punishment. Divided into seven phases, “Genesis” currently displays the last of these after showing the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Tower of Babel, Ur of the Chaldeans, Abraham and Jacob.

Novel ‘Genesis’: Shareder Surprises Herit

At the other end, Herit (Yana Sardenberg) will ask for a separation from Shareder (Paulo Verlings) after constant fights at the wedding. The baker even says to accept, but later surprises her by saying that he is willing to forget about all the arguments between them.