Police must hear again victim of gang rape in Águas Lindas (GO)

posted on 10/14/2021 05:49 / updated on 10/14/2021 05:50

  (credit: Art Publishing/CB)

(credit: Art Publishing/CB)

The Civil Police of Goiás (PCGO) seeks to identify more people who would be involved in the gang rape that would have occurred during a party in Águas Lindas (GO), last weekend. The Specialized Police Service for Women (Deam) in the city took over the case on Wednesday (13/10) and intends to hear, once again, this week, the victim who denounced the crime. The objective is to clarify some points of the first testimony.

So far, three men have been arrested in the act accused of participating in the rape — one of them is the sub-lieutenant of the Environmental Military Police Battalion (BPMA), of the Federal District Military Police (PMDF) Irineu Marques Dias, 44, removed from office . Thiago de Castro Muniz, 36, and Daniel Marques Dias, 37, brother of the lieutenant and owner of the house where the party took place, were also arrested. The victim, a 25-year-old woman, narrated the memories of the day to the Post Office. “I just wanted that terror to end,” he said.

The gang rape would have lasted at least five hours until the victim fled the house. According to the young woman herself, she found out about the party through a friend with whom she attended the event. The house, with a swimming pool, was full. The party, which had drinks and a hookah, started last Friday and would have no time to end. “My sister came to go too, but she and my friend left beforehand and I decided to stay, as the next day I would take a bath in the pool”, said the young woman.

Around 3:00 am on Saturday, she claims that she spoke with two guests to find out where she could sleep. According to her, the girls took her to a room, closed the door and left. Then, PMDF sub-lieutenant Irineu would have invaded the room, pulled out his weapon and placed him on the bed while he ripped off the guest’s clothes. “I tried not to show fear and held back my crying because they could kill me,” he said.

Despite trying to appear calm, she confesses that she was afraid. When the soldier would have left the room, the young woman says that two other men entered and also raped her. They would have forced her to have oral sex with attempted anal sex. In addition to them, three other men are said to have entered the room and raped her.

The woman reports that while the abuses were taking place, one of the six suspects was at the window watching the rape. “He crossed his arms on the counter and watched. He saw that I was shaking, my eyes filled with tears, but he just stared and then he raped me,” he said.

At around 7 am, the accused opened the door and left. Still pretending to be calm, the woman reports that she could not find her clothes and wore a blouse worn by the military police. When leaving the room, the victim came across the two women who took her to the room. She has no doubt the pair are involved in the abuse. “They looked at me, saw my despairing face, but looked away and pretended they didn’t know me. I felt it was something planned”, he reported. At the gate, the men offered a ride to take the victim home. “When one of them turned his back to pick up his cell phone, I ran out and asked for help”, adds the young woman. “I just want justice. I can’t eat, I sleep scared and afraid of everything. What can happen”, he claims.


To mail, the young woman’s lawyer, Bruno de Oliveira, commented on the case. “Some of the perpetrators were arrested in the act, having been recognized by the victim. In the present case, it is a case of consummated rape, with increased penalty due to the multiplicity of criminal agents. The penalty may exceed 17 years of imprisonment in a closed regime, without prejudice to any administrative proceeding, in the case of public servants, and indemnity action for all moral damages incurred”, he stressed.

In a statement, the defense of sub-lieutenant Irineu denied the accusations and stated that the military “suffers the consequences of the unfounded accusation. He was at least 50km away, at his place of work, arriving at the scene of the events only in the morning, as will be proven to the competent authorities at an opportune time”, says the text.

The defense also alleges that the accused did not undergo a custody hearing when converting from preventive detention, as determined by the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and, therefore, stated that the appropriate legal measures will be brought. The PMDF also expressed its opinion and stressed that it awaits the conclusion of the investigation to proceed with the investigations.


The delegate of the Deam of Águas Lindas, Tamires Teixeira, explained that the police are looking for images from the security cameras of houses and businesses near the house where the party where the rape allegedly took place was held. “The images can help us a lot to clarify some points that are still not very clear. We have already seen that there are cameras at the site and we intend to check the images”, he said. Yesterday, police officers returned to the party site.

According to neighbors and local merchants, who prefer not to identify themselves, the house is usually rented for events. “There’s always loud music, drinks and lots of people. The parties last for hours and hours”, reports one woman. A merchant account who helped the young woman on the day the crime would have occurred. “I was in the store next to the house when she left, around 7:00 in the morning. I cried a lot, really loud, I could hardly speak”, she says. According to the witness, the party was still going on when the young woman went looking for help.

“She sat on the sidewalk, said she had been raped and asked them to call the police. Her cell phone was dead”, he adds. According to the merchant, the victim did not show signs of drunkenness or being under the influence of drugs. “I was lucid, but nervous, I kept shaking and repeating that I had been raped”, she says. No one left the party to go after the girl. Neighbors called the Military Police and the Goiás Fire Department. The Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) participated in the first aid. Afterwards, the service took place at the Bom Jesus Municipal Hospital. The victim was examined for a criminal offense at the Instituto de Médico Legal (IML) in Luziânia. According to the delegate who participated in the beginning of the investigations, Fernando Lobão, the IML report points out secretions that are traces of sexual abuse, in addition to the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Where to ask for help?

Civil Police of DF or Goiás
Dial 197

Call Center for Women in Situations of Violence – Secretariat of Policies for Women of the Presidency of the Republic
Telephone: 180 (complaint hotline)

Police Station Specialized in Assistance to Women in Goiás (Deam)
Phones: (62) 3201-2801 / 3201-2802 / 3201-2807 / 3201-2818 / 3201-2820

Police Station Specialized in Assistance to Women in Águas Lindas de Goiás
Telephone: (62) 3613-0701

State Council for Women’s Rights of Goiás (Conem)
Telephone: (62) 3201-5345

DF Women’s Service Center (Ceam)
» From Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm
» Locations: 102 South (Metro Station), Ceilândia, Planaltina

Special Police Service for Women (Deam)
» Entrequadra 204/205 South — South Wing
Phone: (61) 3207-6172

Dial 100 – Ministry of Human Rights
Phone: 100

Domestic Violence Prevention Program (Provid) of the DF Military Police
Phones: (61) 3910-1349 / 3910-1350

expert word

Act to avoid revictimization

We come from a sexist and patriarchal society, in which women are still discredited when they try to denounce any kind of violence against them. With rape, it’s no different. However, when the case is in fact consummated, it is a little easier to prove the occurrence of the sexual act, through the examination of the criminal body and the expertise as a whole. And, in criminal law, it is necessary to have these and other types of evidence for the Court to convict the accused(s). The penalty is imprisonment for eight to 15 years in a closed regime, without considering other aggravations. However, it is important to remember that all assistance to the woman, from the beginning of the case, needs to be cautious, in order not to revictimize her several times. In other words, it is necessary to prevent it from being attended to by men; that she needs to repeat the statement several times; let it be exposed. All offenses against sexual dignity are more delicate, and the intention is to preserve the victim’s integrity.

Jessica Marques, criminal lawyer