Relief! Agents remove tire with 4.5 kg of rubble from moose neck – News

The moose above had a tire with approximately 4.5 kg of debris removed from its neck outside Denver, USA. He was first spotted in this situation in July 2019 by wildlife officers working in the area.

They were alerted to the animal’s last location by a local resident. This was the fourth rescue attempt in just a week.

The four-year-old moose was found in the herd and then reassured. To complete the procedure, the agents had to cut the animal’s horns.

“We would have preferred to cut the tire and leave the horns for reproductive activity, but the situation was dynamic and we had to remove it in any way possible,” explained officer Scott Murdoch, as reported by the Daily Mail tabloid.

“The tire was full of wet pine branches and dirt,” Murdoch detailed, “there was probably 10 pounds of debris in it.”

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Local authorities report that the moose case is not unprecedented. Several wild animals in the region have been seen entangled in hammocks, clotheslines, furniture, laundry baskets, among other items.

“This happens a lot around here,” said Jason Clay, a spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Since last year, the agency has launched a public appeal for the population to report such occurrences to the competent authorities.

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