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Storms hit cities in the region of Ribeirão Preto on Thursday afternoon (14). In São Joaquim da Barra (SP), an earth storm arrived before the rain.

Nutritionist Daniel de Almeida, a resident of the Alto da Bela Vista neighborhood, registered the cloud of dust with the gusts of wind around 13:00.

“I filmed from here at home and this is often the case. The last two times there was this dust from the region, it was here too. It’s scary, because we don’t know what’s coming after it, it could be rain to ease it or stronger winds.”

Residents also registered the red sky in Serrana (SP), Jardinópolis (SP), Pitangueiras (SP), Colombia (SP) and Sertãozinho (SP). According to Climatempo, the wind speed reached 68 km/h.

The micro-entrepreneur Renata Arantes Zanetti, who lives in the Jardim Santo Antônio neighborhood, in Jardinópolis, registered the dust covering the city.

“I made the images here from the balcony of the house and it’s scary. I hadn’t seen it yet [o fenômeno], because the other time I wasn’t at home, but it scares me. During those days it didn’t rain hard, it was quiet. Today that wind came out of nowhere with all this land.”

Resident registers red sky in Jardinópolis, SP — Photo: Renata Arantes Zanetti

According to the Integrated Center for Agrometeorological Information (CIIAGRO), from 1:40 pm to 2:40 pm, 28.7 millimeters of rain were recorded in Ribeirão Preto. Some neighborhoods in the south of the city are without electricity.

In Pontal (SP), the storm also caused a power outage in properties.

Cities in the region of Ribeirão Preto, SP, record rain this Thursday (14)

Cities in the region of Ribeirão Preto, SP, record rain this Thursday (14)

Since the end of September, the phenomenon known as the gust front has hit cities in the region. According to meteorologists, it consists of the combination of dust accumulated over weeks of drought with strong winds that occur before the rains.

“Some rain nuclei were formed and, before the rain arrived, there was this whole front of gusts that caused all this dust to rise and rise some higher levels in the atmosphere”, explains meteorologist Daniela Freitas, from Climatempo.

Earth storm in Serrana, SP, this Thursday (14) — Photo: Social Networks

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