Running into PT is part of Ciro’s project – 10/14/2021

One can criticize Ciro Gomes for a lot, except for lack of clarity. In an instant when everyone is wondering where the third way is, the PDT presidential candidate walks down his own avenue, contrary to the PT.

For two decades, Ciro played for Planalto three times, maintaining a love-hate relationship with PT. Now, advised by João Santana, former marketer of Lula and Dilma, Ciro is convinced that the success of his campaign is going through a collision with the PT.

Until February, Ciro worked with the hypothesis that Bolsonaro would go to the second round of 2022 as the favorite candidate to make his opponent the next president of the Republic. He declared the following at the time: “Whoever goes against Bolsonaro in the second round tends to win the election. The least capable of that is the PT. Therefore, my task is necessarily to defeat the PT in the first round.”

In May, Ciro changed his equation. He started working with the hypothesis that, under the effects of the pandemic, Bolsonaro’s candidacy will melt, making room for another candidate to compete in the second round against Lula. He tried to spice up the references to PT’s morubixaba. “I’m going to go after him,” warned Ciro, referring to Lula as “the greatest corrupter in Brazilian history.”

It is in this context that Ciro’s most recent criticisms of Lula’s proximity to characters such as Renan Calheiros and Eunício Oliveira are inserted, the insinuation that the PT pajé favored the impeachment of his “gerentona” and exchanged barbs with Dilma.

Many consider Ciro’s move to be risky. But the candidate does not operate in the dark. Calibrate gestures through qualitative research. It is as if he were giving a nod to the electorate who voted for Bolsonaro to prevent the PT’s return and are now running away from both. For those who have little to lose, the risk may not interest a third party, but it is the only route to electoral reward.