See photos of Al Capone objects that were auctioned for R$16.7 million | World

Some objects that belonged to gangster Al Capone were sold for $3 million (about R$16.7 million) at auction on Monday (11).

Capone died about 75 years ago. He was a gangster from the city of Chicago, in the United States, who was already famous in life.

Al Capone watch auctioned October 11, 2021 — Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/AP

According to the “Chicago Tribune,” among the items auctioned was a weapon that was supposedly Capone’s favorite.

Diane Capone, granddaughter of the gangster, shows off one of the family items that will be auctioned in the US — Photo: REUTERS/Fred Greaves

The auction took place in California. Three of Capone’s granddaughters live in the state.

Al Capone’s family photos, auctioned October 11, 2021 — Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/AP

About 1,000 people registered for the auction, and 150 attended in person. The event lasted about four hours.

The weapon, a semi-automatic Colt, was sold for US$ 860 thousand (R$ 4.8 million). A bear-shaped cigar box, jewelry and family photos were also sold.

The identities of the people who took the items were not revealed. Only one name was identified, that of Kevin Nagle, an investor and entrepreneur. He bought a cigar box and a gold belt buckle.

Al Capone’s story is famous because there have been a number of movies, TV shows and books about him.

Capone was called Public Enemy No. 1 in 1929. He was considered the mastermind of a multiple homicide, in which seven members of a rival gang died in a parking lot (it was not allowed to sell alcohol in the US at the time; Capone and his rivals competed for the illegal alcohol market).

Courts convicted him of not paying taxes in 1934. He spent 11 years in prison in Alcatraz, a federal jail on a small island near the city of San Francisco.

Capone died of a heart attack in 1947 in a Florida home. It is believed that it was in this house that the 1929 massacre was planned.

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