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Posted 13/10/2021 16:52 | Updated 10/13/2021 4:56 PM

Rio – A desperate moment marked Atlético-GO training last Tuesday morning. Defender Felipe, 18, was sick on the field, suffered two cardiac arrests and was referred to the Governor Otávio Lage de Siqueira State Emergency Hospital (Hugol), in Goiânia. The condition of the athlete, who is part of the base of the Goiás club, is serious.

Lucas Ricci and Avimar Teodoro are the doctors at Atlético-GO - Comunicação / ACG
Lucas Ricci and Avimar Teodoro are the doctors at Atlético-GOCommunication / ACG
The young man participated in the activity that involved players from Atlético-GO’s base as well as professionals.
According to doctors at Dragão, Avimar Teodoro and Lucas Ricci, the speed of care was essential to save the athlete’s life. The young man suffered a cardiac arrest while still on the club’s CT. After the first visit, the player was sent to an emergency room in the Urias Magalhães Sector, near the CT, and still suffered another cardiac arrest. It was necessary to use a defibrillator to revive the defender.

“I was present. In the last stage of training, player Felipe fell on the lawn and began to convulse. We identified that he had gone into cardiorespiratory arrest. After the cardiac massage, his pulse returned. him for a better support service. During the journey, he had another cardiac arrest and we started to give massages too. Once there, the team was also very helpful and helped us a lot. We gave him four shocks so he could come back and after 20 minutes, the pulse recovered. It was a very complicated case. We are trying in every way to save the player’s life,” said Dr. Lucas Ricci.

According to the Atlético-GO doctor, the player is intubated and is still at risk of death, but the quick service was essential to save the athlete’s life as soon as he got sick.

“It’s a very complex case. The whole team is following it. He is undergoing more tests so that we can identify the cause. Today he is sending a stable pattern, but it is still a detailed and complicated case. We always have hope , especially for being a young patient, that he can recover. It is a very serious case, there is a risk of death, but we are doing everything so that he comes out alive. He may have sequelae, that’s why the fast service is so important,” he said.