Soap opera author celebrates payment received from Globo after complaints | Fabia Oliveira

Marcílio Moraesreproduction

Posted 14/10/2021 05:00 | Updated 10/14/2021 06:25

Scriptwriter and author of several soap operas on Globo and RecordTV, Marcílio Moraes decided to expose the Marinho family’s station when he said that public complaints about not receiving the rights to exhibit his works that were aired on Canal Viva, were successful. He believes he was the first novelist to win for the re-enactment of a plot and assures that several professional colleagues did not receive a penny.

“I’m here to take the cap off for TV Globo, which decided to pay for the showing of my soap opera ‘Sonho Meu’, on Canal Viva. I asked several fellow authors and learned that none of them have received it to this day for showing on Canal Viva. even if I’m the first? No matter, what I want to express is the wish that Globo’s attitude is a welcome sign that the company is willing to negotiate with the screenwriters ample remuneration for the public exhibition of our works. Thanks, Globo,” admitted Marcílio.

The column sought out the station’s Communication Advisory, which sent a note: “Globo makes all payments referring to related rights due to its talents, recognizing the importance of preserving intellectual property rights.”