Spanish newspaper highlights Flamengo’s new jewel – Flamengo


Flamengo is a barn of revealing great players. No wonder, the press and clubs around the world usually monitor the jewels of the Vulture’s Nest, as happens with striker Matheus França. The boy, only 17 years old, was the subject of one of the main Spanish newspapers, the AT.

The newspaper was delighted with the performance of Matheus França in the two duels against Palmeiras, in the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil U-17. O AT highlighted Flamengo’s youth categories and also the number of goals scored by the striker in the confrontation with the São Paulo team.

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The Flamengo quarry does not stop giving interesting names, which are capable of taking the leap to Europe and having a good performance. The last one to sound strong was Matheus França, after beating Palmeiras in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil, with four goals in the first match and two more in the second duel“, published.

In addition, the newspaper highly praised the characteristics of Flamengo’s jewel: “Matheus França has evolved very quickly this season and, little by little, has been standing out as one of the most striking figures of the team, with excellent physical conditions“, pondered the journal, which continued:

In just 10 games in the Copa do Brasil, he managed to accumulate ten goals and nine assists. In other words, every 34 minutes, he participates in a team goal.
France is able to appear in various sectors of the attack. The most skillful foot is the right one, and with the left he is able to do damage with his kick. In the middle range, the attacker takes advantage of powerful speed to deal damage.“he concluded.

Matheus França is now awaiting the winner of the duel between São Paulo and Atlético-MG, to find out who will be Flamengo’s opponent in the final of the Copa do Brasil U-17. The team from São Paulo is at an advantage in the confrontation, as they won 1-0 in the first game. The second clash will be at 4 pm (GMT) on Tuesday (19), in São Paulo.